This year will be my first gathering, and I have been excited and eagerly awaiting this time of year for a very long time now! 

I realize that the National gathering is taking place in the Black Hills in SD, but I saw that there is a lot of conflict over it, and have been taken back by a lot of what I read. 

As a young first time goer, I guess I am asking some advice here, should I still attempt to travel to S.D. (from Boston MA), or in doing so am I disrespecting the Native tribes that don't want us there?

Also, are there any alternatives? Does anyone know of any other gatherings happening, even if not National around New England. 

I have never been to a gathering, but after just hearing about the Rainbow Family and researching and reading, I feel like i finally found people and a place to belong with, and I really do not want to miss an opportunity to meet you beautiful people, as i feel it could be life changing and healing. 

Please if there is any family remotely around here that knows of any sort of gathering around here, please let me know. Or any advice at all would be so very appreciated. I love you all even though I haven't met you yet. 

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Every one should go to the Dakotahs at least once in their life. It will help you learn who you are if you do so with humility. That is the hard part. I could have a resting place for weary travelers.I can not go as I have livestock and a job at a recycling center. Peaceful company is always welcome. Kolah Cody

Hi Rachel Marie~

Just cruising through the site and have come across your post regarding the SD gathering and what you have read about the Lakota not wanting the Rainbow family in the Black Hills.  I realize that the gathering has already taken place, but I thought that you would appreciate some insight from a fellow Rainbow who actually did attend this gathering in 2015.  Maybe you were there as well? 

2015 marked the 7th Rainbow gathering I have attended, most being US National gatherings and one being a World Gathering in New Zealand.  I have discovered that one thing is for certain when it comes to Rainbow gatherings.....and that is that there will Always be something found online that is negative and untrue about Rainbow.  That much is essentially a guarantee.  As I said, I participated in the SD Rainbow in 2015 and it was the best Rainbow gathering I have attended so far.  Of course, I feel this way after every US gathering.  The Lakota people IN FACT welcomed the Rainbow Family with open and loving arms.  Many Lakota Elders were also at this gathering, as well many of the youth too.  It was a very powerful gathering, loving, fun, always fun and very insightful.  The numbers were vastly reduced, about 2500 to 3000 people attended it has been estimated.  This made for a very intimate and absolutely amazing experience, but like I said, they all are.  A Lakota Grandmother called Red Feather, a beautiful and loving soul, made such a powerful impression on so many who came to know her, as well many of the other Lakota Rainbows did too.  All in all we had wonderful times together.

The information you can find online where Lakota people were protesting the gathering came from a very small handful of people who in no way were representative of how the vast majority of the Lakota people felt.  In fact, the Elder Lakota people at the gathering referred to the head of this opposition as "The Internet Indian" and regarded him as a troubled individual who liked to stir things up.  I almost did not attend the gathering, much like many of my Rainbow friends/family.  I am so pleased that I did in fact go to the gathering and so pleased to find that the Lakota people had been waiting for years for the beautiful Rainbow family to gather in their sacred Black Hills.  We all had such a blissfully wonderful time together.

I have discovered that most of the bad stuff you find online regarding Rainbow is coming from people who have never actually been to a gathering.  In my experience, Rainbow is the True, Loving, Living Physical expression of Pure I AM Spirit.  There are people from all over the world that attend these gatherings.  Beautiful loving people.  Where else can you go where hundreds if not more people say I love you, and actually mean it?  Rainbow is a microcosmic expression of a macrocosmic Earth experience.  It draws people in at the right time for them to experience the next step in their awakening.  There are people of all walks that show up.  Some are just taking their first steps into a life of awakening and ego can be more present in the expression of these beings.  However, the vast majority of people at Rainbow have recognized a more significant aspect of who and what they are and are living their lives Awakened and in alignment with the Divine Mind.  In this respect, very little ego is carried and expressed.  If you seek the Truest and most authentic expression of who and what you are then Rainbow is such a wonderful thing to experience. If you have come to recognize that your direction in life is to fully awaken into I AM consciousness, Rainbow is perhaps the most direct Bridge into that Blissful and joyous state of perpetual Being.  It certainly appears to be such to me. 

The summer of 2016 we find that the Rainbow Family has decided to travel into the Northeast to have our next gathering.  It will be held in either Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine.  This will be decided most likely in June 2016 sometime during Spring Council.  So, it appears the Rainbow is coming to you this time dear sister.  I hope to see you there.

Welcome home!

U R I AM :)


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