when i joined not too long ago, thgere was 250 members
last week i posted a myspace buliten to try to get more ppl to find this wonderful site and in just the last week 100+ joined
that was from just 1 buliten post on myspace

i really think any of ya that have a large number of rainbow folks as freinds should try the same at leaast once. this community will grow much more ifd we let a few folks know were here and how wonderful it is.

i may repost that in another week just cause i know i have a whole lotta rainbows on my freinds list that havent seen it or joined yet
i think we should be able to tripple the size of the community in the next month and greatly increase the activity of discussions

loving you all

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I'd share the home page or your personal profile so they add you as a friend :)

Loving You My Brother

One way to make it more user-friendly might be to add regional groups. That way family can more easily join groups to access people nearby. I'd like to see more information regarding how to live a Rainbow life, how to survive without income and how to meet up with Rainbows when there isn't a gathering planned. Finding out where and when the next gathering is also doesn't seem to be so simple. I, for one, would love to click on a map and link directly to Rainbows near me. That way I could either join or take them goods when opportunity presents. I guess if gathering spot information were posted to openly, then the Rainbows would be run off but how nice it would be to be able to go to them when the soul needs healed. Also, more information pertaining to survival methods would be great. For example, with winter coming, how do people stay warm in colder areas? Does everyone travel South? I am re-joining Babylon, as I am unhappily married and must have income. My goal is to develop the means to become independant again and I would be happy if I could meet a potential future Rainbow friend who was like-minded. 

I think the Rainbow Family grew out of the turmoil following the Vietnam War.  But, I may be wrong.  Who writes the history books, anyway?  We were just a few million hippies, looking for a way to network, following the riots that caused our great country to adapt a path of peace, back in the 1960s, through the old SDS.  What do you know?

Loving you brother :)

Thank you for helping bring more family together :)

Neale Donald Walsh / conversations with God , eckart tolle : power of now, question everything think for urs elf.

I'm so glad I found this!

I don't even remember how I learned about the family, but after watching a few peoples experiences and documentaries on youtube I looked up the rainbow family in a search engine and I found this.

I am so happy!

Thank you!

my name is dwendel , its good after many years to see the faces of the people i once new.. if any body wants chat me back

Yea soaring eagle lots of people have come on this website cause its the closest thing to the rainbow circle. I have a friend in real life thats actually all up to date with this stuff. Benn to a gathering before in arkansas

thing is she hitchhiked from indiana to arkansas and barely got any rides


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