when i joined not too long ago, thgere was 250 members
last week i posted a myspace buliten to try to get more ppl to find this wonderful site and in just the last week 100+ joined
that was from just 1 buliten post on myspace

i really think any of ya that have a large number of rainbow folks as freinds should try the same at leaast once. this community will grow much more ifd we let a few folks know were here and how wonderful it is.

i may repost that in another week just cause i know i have a whole lotta rainbows on my freinds list that havent seen it or joined yet
i think we should be able to tripple the size of the community in the next month and greatly increase the activity of discussions

loving you all

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i been hoping a site like this would come up a social networking site deadicated to Family and it did...........good vibes good vibes

Yes sir ! I posted on Myspace as well and will continue to ...this site is really where its at if your a Rainbow ! Thanx for all you do Eagle love you man !
now we just need ppl to use the forum more!!!! msg boards make my life more interesting, cant spend all day on myspace and FB!!! :) <3
I found this site (among others) on my own,"trolling" for family and all.However, THIS is the site I decided to join after checking out what Brother Soaring Eagle posts(& other folks I won't name now,yet contribute a lot here-you know who you are) THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !

....& yea - I saw stuff on myspace....
but personally, I'd much rather do my thing here & at hippiegathering.ning.com
This site ( rainbowgatherings.org ) has been a blessing & will continue to be one for me when I'm feeling lost in Babylon. Plus, I don't get that "warm fuzzy feeling" from those OTHER sites......
This is good news indeed! Afterall, we are becoming the largest gathering of wise and wonderful english speaking peoples the world over. It's bound to grow, we have all the right elements, right here. Can I get a witness?

Warm Regards, ;)'s
I've known about the rainbow people for along time,I just never hooked up with you folks for whatever reasons,These days I feel drawn more and more to the family I have allways belonged with.Peace and love
Hi George again. :) I talked with a Sister on the phone recently and she explained the Rainbow family better then I've ever understood it before. There are true real people in the rainbow family. I do believe this now. It has struck me as sort of an awakening, so to speak. I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I held some distrust, but not anymore.

We will keep growing until they wake up to all the destruction and evil they are manifesting,we as an awake and aware voice will start to have a major impact on the mainstream, they cant help but wonder what we are so excited about how we can be so hopefull in the light, with all the uglyness that is so in your face lately,We have the vision, we have  the light and understanding to survive through their fear mongering,we are not afraid ,they are, and they should be ,their karma is catching up to them ,we will no longer buy intro the lies and deciet they are trying to feed us.The rainbow warriors will fullfill the prophesy      FwF   

Probably not.  To be honest, I'd never noticed the 'Featured Member' part, but now you've mentioned it I'm going to have a look. 


Lovin You Brother!

Hello, I just joined but if you point me to an introductory post I will be happy to share it on Facebook and Google Chrome.


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