USFS and BLM Shutting down access to federal public lands

I've been seeing on blogs and a number of websites that the current administration is shutting down a huge number of roads into BLM and USFS lands.  Doing it quietly and doing it in the name of 'environmentalists'.


Tough call.  Anyone who's spent much time on Federal lands over the decades will have noticed that nobody much is using them anymore except the grazing lease holders, and hunters during season.  It's easy to find a remote campsite and have it all to yourself, even though you might be car camping.  And BLM/USFS regs for multi-use lands allow you to use the place for two weeks before having to move 25 miles away.


My acquaintances among Rainbow Family authentics over the years have almost always come when sharing those kinds of campsites.  'Real' Rainbows have been out there quietly using public lands, living on them, treating them with respect.  I'm guessing a lot of them still are.


It's easy to be a towney, weekender, 'environmentalist' Rainbow, scoffing, "Good!  Let them shut down those trails!  Keep out those hunters we don't like.  I'm a backpacker!"


Sure you are.  Sure as hell.  And just how much time have you spent on Federal land during the past five years?  How many times have you left your parties in down, your loud music, your cool friends, your uppers, downers, your wild hallucinations, your multiple orgasms and actually spent time in public forests?


Shutting down those public land access roads is going to result in just about the only people who ever qualified as Rainbow Family losing a significant piece of their lives, lifestyle, ideals, even homes.


But the towney Rainbows, at least, will be able to hug themselves in the fantasy the environment will be better protected.



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