Any updates about where the gathering will be this summer?

Also, does anyone know when it will be? I know that it's around the fourth of July, but I don't know when it starts.


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OFFICIAL WORDING: Consensus for the 2012 annual gathering was reached with 10 seconds of silence on July 16 at 3:55 pm, pdt. We the people on the land at the 2011 annual gathering vision council of the rainbow family of living light, have reached a consensus to hold the 2012 annual peaceable assembly and free speech gathering in the White Mountain National Forest (in the N.E.), or the Appalachian states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!


This shin dig sounds cool.  Where exactly and like general dates would help... Ummm and like I'm just totally going to Wing it and bounce out of town ... Never got the balls to do it before. I know how to live off the land but it is probably difficult to do so when there are 20,000 people to the left of me looking for berries. So like am I good to just wing it out there or should I save money and plan?

the main date of the national gathering is july 1 thru 7, but that just when the main bulk of bodies will be there.  seed camp (prep for the gathering) begins weeks earlier tho and cleanup can last awhile too.  during the event you will be fed for free at many different places in the forest.  the main circle at the main meadow offers a veggitarian meal every evening.  it's always good to have your own food though.  youtube a couple gatherings or rainbows kitchens you can get a better idea.  

it starts about a month before, to get things ready for the rush. like diggin shitters, building camps, ect.

Scout Counsel gets together on the 9th of June; so that's the day everyone will know where it's at exactly.  People start arriving as soon as the location is released, but most people get there closer to the 1st- from what I've been reading. Haven't been to a gathering yet myself, although it was my intention to last year. 

Much thanks to both of you for the replies. :)
Allelujah, I'm with you-- I haven't been to one yet but I've dreamed of it for a long time. This is the year, for both of us! :)

I was traveling with my Ex-girlfriend last year; we made it up to Seattle (gathering was in Washington, not far away at all)  WEEKS before the gathering, but she ended up with some health problems, and we missed it. 

Same here.  I live about 30min from the south holston! :)

This in my inbox marked 3:35 this afternoon:

Jules Herr
Just got word from concluded spring council, this year's annual gathering to be held in Cherokee National Forest. The site is East of South Holston Lake between the lake and Holston Mountain in the NE corner of TN. N 36.50175 W 82.04347

For those asking when, people will converge on the site now.  Earlycomers help set up; kitchens come in one at a time and set up where they feel like it.  Most folk show up during the week before the 4th of July.  

THAT'S THE NEWS!!  Hope to see you there!

Ah..I just passed through that amazing area a few weeks sad I will miss this. Have a blast everyone!

Howdy Ya'll...from Bristol,Tenn. the road home!From da north or...? @ Bristol,Hwy. #421 East off I-81....about a dozen miles 2 #44 (state rd.) turn right,head 2 hickory tree gas station,get on flatwoods rd. 2 home. ORRR.....Busses and large vehicles R Encouraged to not turn onta #44 but continue on east on Hwy.#421...2 Camp Town Howard Rd/ Denton Valley Rd. Turn Right on Tom Howard, go south about 9 miles past Oak Campground; you are HOME! The trails 2 main circle are long...bring anti-bug juice,and sunscreen! see ya @ Info!....Roadrunner & Bingo.....(and littlewing)

How are the trails looks inbound from welcome home? Want to know if they are wagon or stroller friendly at all. PA in  2010 was like no way for any wheeled cart. Was too muddy and too many trees to climb over.  Is it looking any better this year? 


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