This is a cut & paste from facebook 2015 Annual Rainbow Gathering page, where this controversy has raged for weeks now: 

from Phillip Halfhill Hanson:

I've held back enough on this issue. But it's reached critical mass. Back when we were organizing and promoting the gatherings back in the 70s (and I'm one of the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS of the first gathering), we would have never, ever chosen the BLACK HILLS as a gathering site unless we were given permission by the LAKOTAH PEOPLE. Now, you've all seen that the majority of the Lakotah don't want the gathering there. You better wake up and smell the coffee! Yeah, you can say, "What do you know, Phil Coyote?" Plenty! A Group called the Christ Brotherhood sent out invitations in 1973 for the Wyoming Gathering. Those of us who had promoted the first gathering that occurred in Colorado in 1972 had not had any intention of there being a second gathering. But the Christ Brotherhood had invited everyone for the Wyoming deal to be HELD IN THE WIND RIVER Wilderness area, held sacred by the (Shoshone/Aprapaho). It became obvious that the tribes didn't want it there. So we redirected the gathering to PUBLIC LAND at South Pass, Wyoming. It all went smoothly, with 20,000 in attendance or so.The Christ Brotherhood nevertheless led their stubborn crew into the Wind River Wilderness area, They were arrested and went to Club Fed. We had warned them that something bad would happen. But they refused to listen. Too proud. The Lakotahs have made it clear they don't want a gathering on their sacred lands. So respect that. Otherwise, you're not being wise at all. Peace, Phil Coyote.

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Hello from Hill City , South Dakota  . Just camping on the edge of town after leaving the gathering a couple days ago . Clean-up crew is finishing up and that work this year it is relatively light . The gathering land is lovely with plenty good water and wildflowers .

The most important aspect of this Black Hills gathering has been 'Spirit of Fire' .

Sacred means shared and in balance . We may return welcomed .

This is from a Rosebud Sioux Lakota about the SD gathering:

and nola said: Nola HighElk There were a few people who allowed you to stay by speaking for themselves. They didn't speak for the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations. We have 3 dialects. We are not just the one. We have councils and societies that are governed by consensus. Rosebud Sioux Tribe made a resolution stating you were not welcome. Our Pipe Keeper didn't acknowledge you nor did the other tribal leaders. That speaks volumes without it being on social media. The reports of drug use and giving it to our youth is sickening. Our people suffer from poverty, abuse, alcohol, drugs and many other issues. Coming to the Black Hills caused friends and family to divide because your "elect" was eager to do what they wanted despite contacting other tribes. Now you have the "Helen Red Feather Project" LOL. 

So it seems like the Rainbow family wants to be respected, their council decisions ruled by consensus and want to be "tribe like". First off you don't care about real Native tribes. If you did you would know the Lakota run by consensus. By giving drugs to our youth and trying to set up a Marijuana industry is preying on their welfare. 

There is no fast tracking to learning our ways. I think the Rainbow did enough damage by being ignorant to the Lakota Nation and it appears it caused great damage against itself. If you believe to be the chosen people why treat the First Nations people like shit?

Why not buy your own land? You can do all the things you want. I know there are many good people in the Rainbow family who are conscious of other people's lives. These people are not out to access for personal gain. Personal opinions with the Rainbow family seems to be Nazi like. If one can't speak you are attacked. I hope the good people of Rainbow will establish something better than what you have.

Lakota Warriors Vow to Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies

The Rainbow Family of Living Light wants to hold its annual druggie love-fest in the Black Hills, but a local Native American group is fighting back.

James Swan parked his old Dodge alongside the South Dakota visitor center, where grungy hippies were sprawled on a lawn and passing around a feather. The two-dozen vagabonds are planning to unleash thousands of their brethren into the Black Hills for prayer and free thinking. But Swan wasn’t feeling the peace and love.

“We don’t want you here. You have no f—king respect for Lakota people!” the 54-year-old Native American yelled into a mic attached to his truck. His T-shirt bore another message: portraits of warriors who had shellacked the U.S. Army in the Battle of Little Bighorn, alongside the words “Original Homeland Security.”

“They aren’t listening to anybody,” Swan told The Daily Beast of the phalanx of graying flower children and their next-generation recruits. “This might work for them everywhere in other states, but they’re dealing with Lakotas now.”

“We’re a warrior society,” he added. “We don’t want violence, but this is our culture, our sacredness and we will protect it.”

Swan is not a tribal council representative and does not speak for the Sioux. That isn’t stopping him from fighting the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a counterculture group that’s held annual gatherings in national forests every July since 1972 to pray for world peace—and deliver drugs, nudity and sometimes murder and other crimes in their wake.

To some Lakota, the love fest threatens to desecrate the sacred Black Hills National Forest, where 5,000 to 20,000 hippies are expected to dig trench latrines, fire pits and kitchens. Swan and his band of activists with the United Urban Warrior Society say they’re planning a blockade and will remove the bums.

Swan said Rainbow Family adherents tried to soften him up by saying, “We’re just like you, [but] the government doesn’t recognize us as a tribe.”

“You’re not a tribe,” Swan added. “You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

The Rainbow Family is in the midst of “Spring Council” meeting to decide where they’ll set up camp this year. On Monday, Sioux tribal leaders met with a Rainbow members and the USDA Forest Service—a talk to which Swan was not invited.

Leaders of the Rosebud Sioux and Oglala Sioux tribes did not respond to the Daily Beast’s requests for comment. Neither tribes have approved of the Rainbow plans.

“You’re not a tribe. You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

Swan protested against the unkempt wanderers for several hours, he said. After the interaction became heated, the Rainbow Family crew pulled back, held hands and formed a circle, the Rapid City Journal reported. Then the Rainbows chanted, “We love you!”


As long as there are people who make a choice to hate other people based on ethnic backround, racism is alive and growing.Threaten me, hate  me, stereotype me based on race and then ask me to support your " cause" seems a little ridiculous to me.

The majority of the Lakota People welcomed us in peace and good will.  They came nightly to give workshops and share heartsongs and we taught them just as they taught us.  They requested that we not hold sweat ceremonies so we didn't.  They cooked for us and broke bread with us. 

A small handful of malcontents chose our presence to be the next thing they could bitch and moan about but they were told in no uncertain terms by Lakota People to back off. so they did.

The Great Spirit obviously chose for our prayers to come from a multitude of locations and directions this year and voila,that is what happened.

But the moral preaching by some folks with agendas convinced many innocent,loving, respectful folks, including some of our Elders (and originators) to go off half-cocked.

Now that it has all ended, except for the divisiveness that  is left outside of the Black Hill among we Rainbows and that only we Rainbows can end, and the Beauty that remains IN the black Hills where there is peace and strength and wonder at the magical ways of the Great Spirit and the White buffalo Woman!

Hi does anyone know of any events in Colorado where these people are? I know of someone who has gone missing in the Colorado area and suspect she may be following the rainbow family. Information is urgently needed. Please.

that is simply not enough information... and the wording "where these people are" is not conducive to building trust.  why is this urgent?  who is missing?  

We are so famous as mystic psychics . For the vastness of all I can know , there's yet so little I would say shy of lying about knowing nothing .


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