This is a cut & paste from facebook 2015 Annual Rainbow Gathering page, where this controversy has raged for weeks now: 

from Phillip Halfhill Hanson:

I've held back enough on this issue. But it's reached critical mass. Back when we were organizing and promoting the gatherings back in the 70s (and I'm one of the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS of the first gathering), we would have never, ever chosen the BLACK HILLS as a gathering site unless we were given permission by the LAKOTAH PEOPLE. Now, you've all seen that the majority of the Lakotah don't want the gathering there. You better wake up and smell the coffee! Yeah, you can say, "What do you know, Phil Coyote?" Plenty! A Group called the Christ Brotherhood sent out invitations in 1973 for the Wyoming Gathering. Those of us who had promoted the first gathering that occurred in Colorado in 1972 had not had any intention of there being a second gathering. But the Christ Brotherhood had invited everyone for the Wyoming deal to be HELD IN THE WIND RIVER Wilderness area, held sacred by the (Shoshone/Aprapaho). It became obvious that the tribes didn't want it there. So we redirected the gathering to PUBLIC LAND at South Pass, Wyoming. It all went smoothly, with 20,000 in attendance or so.The Christ Brotherhood nevertheless led their stubborn crew into the Wind River Wilderness area, They were arrested and went to Club Fed. We had warned them that something bad would happen. But they refused to listen. Too proud. The Lakotahs have made it clear they don't want a gathering on their sacred lands. So respect that. Otherwise, you're not being wise at all. Peace, Phil Coyote.

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so I take it that my health will be in jeoaprdy if I attend the Rainbow Gathring in the blackhills,  Is this correct ????????????

so it is not a good idea to attend the Gathering in South Dakota ???  Is that correct ???

Dennis (and everybody!) I don't like being a dissenter in the Family. It feels weird. I really hope that I'm not offending people with my directness. Also, as far as I know your health will probably be fine.

I just stated that I won't go because I don't want to be seen as just another white person encroaching on their lands and appropriating their culture and spirituality. It's an issue of respect. About 75% of my ancestors are responsible for taking their land. They have the sacred black hills and I'm not going to take that from them (even temporarily) and make them feel revictimized. There is something called white privilege and I definitely have it because of the way that I look. I don't want them to feel exploited.

If you're respectful (no alcohol, no cultural appropriation, etc) it will probably be just fine. Most people here have good intentions. They're going to see Family, not to hurt anyone. Please learn some intertribal sign before you go and maybe strike up a conversation with a Lakota if you can. Ask them about it. Love and light to everybody, whether you go or not!

Not true, only a small faction of Lakota objected, and also made violent threats. I don't respect people who make unjustified violent threats, not even (gasp) if they're natives.

Racism is alive and well in the usa sad to see this

Here is where they're coming from:

the Rainbow Gathering is happening in South Dakota although there are people who could not make it there for whatever reasons and are therefore hosting regional smaller prayer-in-unison gatherings.

The Great Spirit led us to the black Hills this year and our Family is gathering there in Respect.  The Lakota,People have always welcomed we Rainbows as individuals and in council.  For example, I attended as support 2 sundances on the Reservation, in both cases i was firekeeper for the sweats and acted as Medicine man to help diabetic Lakota sunddancers remain active participants in the Dances rather than falling aside due to their physical ailment.

The handful of loud obnoxious Native Americans who have been making a lot of noise about not wanting us on their land are not only a minority but have been unable to garner any support among their People and in fact have been told by numerous Lakotas to back off.  

We are bringingRainbow Healing to the land of our brothers and sisters.  We cleaned up the pow wow site at Pine ridge, we are teaching a group of Lakota how to best set up for (and clean up after) a large gathering of people.  We are in solidarity with the Lakota and, as always, we follow the Great spirit as we are led through oru traditional Vision council and Scout Council processes.  

I am saddened that people I love have forgotten how to Respect our Scouts and our Processes, have forgotten that we Rainbows have agreed for over 40 years that the concensi reached On the Land are the only concensi that have any relevance, any meaning at all.  I trust the Rainbow People who are on the Land, I trust the Scouts who knew that there were no other viable sites for the numbers of people who would ahve gathered in any of the other states that were chosen by the vision council.  This year it is obvious tghat the Great spirit has chosen to split us up (as happened in the Kentucky-Alabama split Gathering year) for good reason.

That year it was to strengthen and empower the younger kitchens and tribes to DO what they knew how to do, what needed to be done because many of them felt they were pushed aside by we Elders in the family.

I do not know, of course, why we are being split this year.  I always pray for Unity and feel threatened by discord.  But I have faith in the Spirit and know that Rainbow will end up stronger because of this year's split.  I have faith that the Lakotas will gain strength in their struggle with the White Eye bastards in Washington D.C. because of our strong Medicine.

And I know that our healing will bring health care to hundreds of Lakotas who cannot gert good health care on or near the Rez.

I am sorry that nuclear family responsibilities keep Me from Rainbow this year.  I am in Spirit with the people gathering in Michigan, Illinois, Vermont and, most of all, South Dakota.

I pray that those in California will see through the politics that brought them there in dissonance with the Family as a whole... 

and I promise that I will continue to pray for peace and healing for all Peoples, for Unity among all Peoples.and that I will celebrate Interdependence day wherever I am required to be.

o matakuye oyacin - we are all related

Water, Singing-on-the-Rocks

here are the exact and correcdt directions to the gathering in the Black Hills.  there are also regional gatherings for peopl,e to pray in unison, for those who don't wish to or cannot go to South Dakota this year.

in michigan



From Rapid City, SD, take Hwy 16 south west to Hill City, SD (about 30 miles).  In Hill City go to the intersection of Hwy 16 and Main St and head west on Main (shown as 308 on maps).  Take this to Deerfield road and continue northwest (left) for about 17 miles to Deerfield Lake on your right.  Just past the lake make a left on Ditch Creek Road.  Then take the first right onto FR 294 and over a bridge.  Drive about 5 miles on FR 294 to Welcome Home.

response to the brother who wrote about the changes in rainbow -  we have been gathering for 40-plus years and have always welcomed all colors (hence, "rainbow") and all energy (hence "rainbow") and that has always included folks with substance abuse issues and folks who tended towards violence and those who came only to party...  

our Gathering heals these folks, sometimes it requires years to do so.  

it might have gotten more difficult in the past few years but it is not really any different except maybe in degree.

I am grateful all my Family in SD had a safe and wonderful Gathering.  I was worried there could have been violence by Sioux warriors; or massive protests.  There was an injunction filed to stop the gathering; but the man who filed it was summarily arrested for non-payment of child support, stopping the injunction.

I do believe the correct way to go about a gathering in the Black Hills, after avoiding it so many years, was to go to the traditional chiefs way ahead of time and start a dialogue; ask permission.  It seems the scouts descended on SD in May; found a few natives who supported bringing the gathering; then pushed for it.  Of all the states picked at Vision Council, SD was a dark horse kind of surprise for the Family as a whole.  When many Lakota complained, I felt Rainbows were pushing white privilege to be there.  Such an attitude is way out of place for a non-babylon family that loves tribal spirituality.

My husband and I had decided to go to the Antique Roadshow before the controversy arose.  He can't handle the high altitudes our scouts forever pick; and I'm getting old enough it is a struggle against fatigue for me too.  When the controversy arose, I was grateful to be going elsewhere.  The Roadshow was never meant to replace the Annual; and could not hold a large number of people.  It was simply a place for our elderly Rainbows to celebrate and pray for peace with Family.

As it turns out, we were visited the evening of the 4th by an entourage of 3 tribes, led in by LEO's.  They said they had removed a belligerant man from a protected meadow on Mt Shasta who said he was Rainbow and couldn't find our gathering (60 miles and 1-2 hours away).  They feared more of us might camp on sacred land after gathering; wanted to be consulted before the gathering; and feared what condition we would leave the land.  They issued a Cease and Desist order... the same one written up by James Swann of Urban Warriors for the SD gathering, words changed to reflect Mt Shasta.  We agreed to leave, leaving a small group behind to clean and rehab the land.  At that pint, we had an operating plan with the Forest Service, calling for rehab beyond what they asked for at every point.  The tribes agreed to let us do that.

We did not gather on Mt Shasta!  The area we gathered on was scouted by a Rainbow and a native Modoc who had lived on traditional lands there all his life.  It was an old logging site, frequented by local hunters, boy scouts, and us at several regionals.  Never was there a complaint about using that site.  The weekend before we arrived (for seed camp), a group of Metalheads had partied there.

Nevertheless, I agree with the tribes who came to us that we should consult with them before gathering.  If this is an addition to our process, it seems a respectful and worthwhile one.   It would also go far to demonstrate to all Rainbows that we have a special relationship of respect for indigenous Americans far beyond the legalities of the US government.  The difficult part of consulting, to me, would be differentiating between the traditional tribes (and include the ones not recognized by the federal government) and the BIA.  I would like to see us reach out to nearby traditional tribes; and just stay neutral (not get involved) with the BIA.

So much racists rhetoric I guess the dream is dying and I  will continue the search for real family that's just people, without political agendas and race division. Its not like race is measure of ones character or that any of us got to fill out an application what we would look like here on earth before arriving and is certainally no measure of a culture., Just another excuse to divide and hate and put down and claim priveledge based on an accident of birth, I weep for the honest humans not looking for a political " edge" and are living the real & uncorrupted dream of that  great  leader, MLK What happened to the family of Man? the same as it always does form groups based on randomness and then point at the other groups and explain why its OK to hate.

As long as there are people on this Earth who cannot distinguish between racism and sacred grounds issues, racism will continue to be a problem...


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