This is a cut & paste from facebook 2015 Annual Rainbow Gathering page, where this controversy has raged for weeks now: 

from Phillip Halfhill Hanson:

I've held back enough on this issue. But it's reached critical mass. Back when we were organizing and promoting the gatherings back in the 70s (and I'm one of the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS of the first gathering), we would have never, ever chosen the BLACK HILLS as a gathering site unless we were given permission by the LAKOTAH PEOPLE. Now, you've all seen that the majority of the Lakotah don't want the gathering there. You better wake up and smell the coffee! Yeah, you can say, "What do you know, Phil Coyote?" Plenty! A Group called the Christ Brotherhood sent out invitations in 1973 for the Wyoming Gathering. Those of us who had promoted the first gathering that occurred in Colorado in 1972 had not had any intention of there being a second gathering. But the Christ Brotherhood had invited everyone for the Wyoming deal to be HELD IN THE WIND RIVER Wilderness area, held sacred by the (Shoshone/Aprapaho). It became obvious that the tribes didn't want it there. So we redirected the gathering to PUBLIC LAND at South Pass, Wyoming. It all went smoothly, with 20,000 in attendance or so.The Christ Brotherhood nevertheless led their stubborn crew into the Wind River Wilderness area, They were arrested and went to Club Fed. We had warned them that something bad would happen. But they refused to listen. Too proud. The Lakotahs have made it clear they don't want a gathering on their sacred lands. So respect that. Otherwise, you're not being wise at all. Peace, Phil Coyote.

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Yep, I agree with this. I'm a legally registered native (despite having Swedish blonde hair, I have my tribal membership card) and we don't like anyone coming onto our lands. We won't say anything generally but many people get upset about the whole thing and they'll talk about it behind closed doors. It's really an issue of respect. This is a major issue with my tribe right now (I'm Tsalagi).

I hope this isn't offensive to anyone; I don't mean it like that and I apologize if it is that way. But based on my own experience it would probably be best to not camp out on Lakota Sioux land.

I really, really hope that I haven't offended anyone here by what I wrote. I was just being honest. We had an issue in my own community awhile ago over whether to share certain facilities with non-Indians and a lot of the people here felt like we were just being swamped with people who could care less about Tsalagi culture but are just fine with using our facilities for free.

Several Tsalagi I know personally will not go to this place anymore because it is no longer an Indian facility at this point. There is a lot of bitterness about it. They feel crowded out and victimized. They are the ones paying for it through tribal funds but they don't get to use it.

On top of that, I look very white and no longer receive the respect there that I used to because they just assume that I am white and there to take advantage. The sense of community has been damaged. Anyway, at Indian-only places I am treated very well by others because they know that I have to have tribal membership to be there. Basically people just feel victimized by the white man all over again and it's very unfortunate.

I'm in a weird space over the whole thing because of my mixed racial background. I see both sides and I receive flak from both sides. I'm not indian enough to say anything (almost always a white person says this when they don't like what I'm saying). People in my tribe who know my racial background will talk about it with me, though. Apparently I'm Indian enough for them at least, even if I don't fit the stereotypical Disney Tiger Lilly squaw archetype.

Sadly, what I wrote above is the general consensus. This is why I won't be going to South Dakota. I don't want to be seen as just another white person thoughtlessly encroaching on them and appropriating their culture. I could say MUCH, MUCH MORE on this topic but I don't want to offend anyone. I'm REALLY restraining myself here. Just know that similar social dynamics may be involved in this situation and you may not understand it entirely. Of course I don't judge anyone who goes to South Dakota. I wish them light and love. Just please, please be respectful! Again, I really apologize if this has offended anyone but I'm saying it put of love so at least people can understand why the Lakotah may not be exactly thrilled. If feel morally wrong if I didn't say this.

I still can't find anything as to the exact location of the gathering .  I am from Niagra Falls N.Y. and am here in Martin, South Dakota sitiing on my butt waiting for some info. Am I going to get it ?  only God knows for sure !!!!!!!!!!!1

The site is about five miles west-southwest of Deerfield Lake via an unpaved Forest Service road that branches off Deerfield Road, in a remote area of the western portion of the Black Hills National Forest. The nearest town is Hill City, about 20 miles east of the gathering site.

(got this from a  media article

really hoping to get there althoguh its a long way from Philly

thank you and hope you make iy but it still doesn't tell me where to go from Hill City

I feel sure those directions will be enough to find the gathering, but I saw mroe specific directions yesterday in a fb post, just can't remember where right now.

From Rapid City, SD, take Hwy 16 south west to Hill City, SD (about 30 miles).  In Hill City go to the intersection of Hwy 16 and Main St and head west on Main (shown as 308 on maps).  Take this to Deerfield road and continue northwest (left) for about 17 miles to Deerfield Lake on your right.  Just past the lake make a left on Ditch Creek Road.  Then take the first right onto FR 294 and over a bridge.  Drive about 5 miles on FR 294 to Welcome Home.


yes facebook is ultimate reality and truth.........right?.....

there is NO large community of Native Americans expressing wishes for Rainbow to gather elsewhere.  there were 2 who showed up to demonstrate against the Gathering.  all along the noise has come from a very tiny group of urban folks while those who live on the rez have welcomed us... and appreciated our energy and the things we have already done including sending a crew to Pine Ridge where we cleaned up a huge mess left over after a Pow Wow held there... and teaching a band of Lakota how to set up for a really large gathering of people in the wilderness.  our relations with the lakota have always been good and that has not changed.  word I received yesterday from the site itself said that everything is good... and that gathering on Native Land is a very high experience.

why can't anyone give a straight answer?  I have been inquiring as to the exact location of the gathering and have not gotten an answer that will tell me that location !!!!!!!!!!!!  Does anyone know the exact location or are you all lost ???????????????

Please allow me to repost (and edit) here a comment I made to Steven in response to one of his posts, Little Wing.

It does not sound fishy at all to me, Steven.  If you read through the comments made by Rainbow members themselves about what goes on at Rainbow gatherings you will see why I would not want that in my back yard either.  What was once a peaceful gathering of a hopeful movement now attracts, along with the sincere Rainbow family, floatsam and detritus.  The gatherings now attract drunkeness and brawling.  So much for peaceful...  This does not belong on sacred grounds or in anyone's back yard.
Like so many great plans, from the original teachings of JC (who was renamed somewhere along the way, he did not claim that name) to the original plan for the good old USA,  the Rainbow family has drifted off course.

Like Jennifer, I see both sides of this issue.  It pains me to see to what extent a 50-year-old institution has  been watered down, but I must call it as I see it.  If anyone is rightfully offended by what I say, then I am not talking about you and I apologize for offending you.  To the self-righteously offended I can only say look within.

Good point, Steven.  Since it is not a part of my world I have no first hand knowledge of it, but I hear the reports.  It is another part of the global degeneration we are experiencing.  The old must decay to make way for the new, so the silver lining is that some are preparing for the "new heaven and the new Earth" and projecting that energy.  We can prepare for the new even as we mourn the old.


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