When the earth is ravaged, (a dying )a new tribe of people will come; make the earth green again and be known as the "warriors of the Rainbow"


There have been a few places where I would like to use this badge on other sites to let friends know about Rainbow Family gatherings and then I hesitate because of the wording in the badge...


it sounds like we are saying that we are a dying tribe, When the earth is ravaged "a dying" a new tribe... it sounds like we are dead in our tracks before we even get started?  I am hoping someone could clarify this for me, or perhaps it is a mistake. I realize in the full mission statement dying is refering to the animals, but those seeing this for the first time won't know this, I think the badge is cool, I guess I am wondering if there is a way to fix the typo, if indeed it is a typo to be fixed. Thanks for listening, rj 

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It's supposed to say and dying
Yah, thats what I thought as well Lonnie, thanks. But who to ask for the fixing? I also wanted to tell you, I love you too!
Awesome! Thanks so much little byrd. I love you, too!
Sorry about that last post; littlewing here. Didn't recognize Zen was signed in.

I maybe should just shut up as I'm not a fan of the badge. I don't want rain on your parade. But to be honest, I guess I want this bit of negativity in here just to represent the Minority Opinion lol (that's meant as a joke!) and as food for thought.

This saying isn't originally ours. It is an old Indian prophesy. I don't know the details of what tribe or stories surrounding it; that would make a good research project. I do know Rainbows have let indigenous tribes know we (we as a disorganized group! not I in particular) think The Rainbow Tribe of Living Light is the prophesied People. The Indian tribes, origin of the prophesy, from what I hear, think we are pretty cheeky to announce we, a bunch of predominantly white folk, think we are IT.

Personally, I would agree it's a great prophesy when applied generically. Many Rainbow Warriors out there never heard of "Rainbow Warriors" or the gatherings; but they fit the title. It is honorable and commendable that we are so impressed with the Cause we actually name ourselves this and live to live up to it. That I hope is recognized and appreciated by those peoples whose ancestors birthed this prophesy.

Yet, I would never wear a badge that declares I am a family member of this prophesied tribe. It's just too narrow a definition for me. As far as a Rainbow tribal icon goes, wearing a crystal around my neck pretty much does it for me. Though that might label me as a New Ager (another label I don't want), Rainbows wear crystals whether they are "in" or "out" with any other group of people.

Hey, I love you all no matter what you wear! (or not wear!)
Hey little wing,

At this thread: http://rainbowgatherings.ning.com/forum/topics/the-old-native-american

I posted this link: http://www.welcomehome.org/rainbow/prophecy/prophecies.html

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rainbow Warrior prophecy but were afraid to ask, and then some. Well, not really, I'm sure...but it covers the several versions of it.

In RE to this:

"I do know Rainbows have let indigenous tribes know we (we as a disorganized group! not I in particular) think The Rainbow Tribe of Living Light is the prophesied People. The Indian tribes, origin of the prophesy, from what I hear, think we are pretty cheeky to announce we, a bunch of predominantly white folk, think we are IT."

Lovely way to put it BTW. But I had seen this on the Wiki entry on gatherings and thought I'd throw it in.

Confusion over Hopi Legend

There has been a longstanding Rainbow rumor that the gathering was/is recognized by the elders of the Hopi people as the fulfillment of a Hopi prophecy. This was debunked by Michael I. Niman in his 1997 People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia. Niman traced the supposed Hopi prophecies to the 1962 book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, which compares prophecy of major religious sects throughout the world and tales of visions from North American natives.

Not sayin I believe that Niman did his research and truly proved we are not indeed the prophesied tribe. But in general I am in agreement with little wing and i'd have to say if we are, it's not something we'd brag about.

That's the spirit! Lovin U, sourdaddy

OMG!! I just remembered! Back a few years ago, the Family actually HAD BADGES! Ironic as it seems, there were badges for Info, C.A.L.M., Shanti Sena (BOOO! Sooo many problems with that IMO), Supply and - Get this: - SHITTER DIGGERS! That's the only one I'd want and even then...LOL.

Other Gatherings have had t-shirts made for various camps, Info, parking and - again- SHITTER DIGGERS! YAY! More not than often, I reckon. But it happens. Ooo, and Fire Watch! YAY! Just the SHITTER DIGGERS and the Fire Watch, But nobody else. 'Cept maybe the wood and water runners (HO! to the WOOD RUNERS! HO! too the WATER RUNNERS!) Just the SHITTER DIGGERS, the Fire Watch, and the wood and water runners (HO! to the WOOD RUNERS! HO! too the WATER RUNERS!) and nobody else. Ooo, and ....
Or you could just cut bellybutton holes in all of your clothes!!

Hey now, there's a cool new Rainbow trendy chic... gonna have to get out the scissors!


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