Hello Brothers and Sisters! I have decided to share this information with you about Sungazing. Because like about “most anything”, you’ve been lied too! Like, “you need food to Life” and “ the Sun will ruin your eyes”. If done 45 min. till Sunset or stopping 45 min. after Sunrise you are fine, see links. When this method is over, 9 months, your eyes will be Healed, Pineal Gland 3rd Eye Opened, and the “Need to Eat” will be gone. How, you will just seem to be full all the time, Every Cell of your Body will be Enriched with Solar Energy. This Energy is the Best Chi or Prana your Body can get! And there is only One way to Get It into your Head, through your eyes. This is the only way I know how to reverse the effect from fluoride in the 75% cities water supply. And to stop the need to be dependant on people bring you your food. If you find some, That’s Great! You will “Only Need Clean Water” to Live! One worry, sounds Lovely! Wouldn’t you agree?







Two people who gaze with me have said they can see better than before, they will need new glasses Now! I am up to 3:30 min. clouds are blocking the Sun here on Daytona Beach. Both Ways! I am very hungry for the Sun Nowadays. My Love for the Sun is Strong, find out How Long people Worshiped the Sun as a Man or Sun God. Amen Ra was the Egyptian Sun God, his symbol is in your wallet, and you will say his name if you go to a Christian Church. But I happen to know that the True LORD of the World is not God or Satan, as the bible says both many time over. It Is The Sun, not the Son, that is the Light!




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I have been sungazing for years barefootin and focusing all my intent in love as to help activate the vibration needed to help humanity evolve into the beings we were ment to be, love ya bro keep inspiring minds THE KANGEN WATER pH BAL clears up alot of the nastys, forgivness is key,breath ,smile be the change you want to see we are all one effecting the whole FwF


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