Spring Council June 4 - 6, 2010

Spring Council is when people get together and share the info on the possible sites available for the gathering, discuss the prons and cons of each location and then reach a decision of sorts. It can be a consensus or a migration by people to the site. It generally takes one to seven days for the process to play out. If you come to Spring Council, please be self sufficient and and prepared to feed and water yourself. Spring Council is happening at the site of the 1999 Annual Gathering of the Tribes.
Directions to Spring Council: Ridgway is about 115 miles North East of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Warning! These directions are based on the directions used in 1999. Things may have changed since 1999. Check back in a couple of days as I might have updated directions then.

From the North , Northeast & Northwest Hwys. 90, 17, & 6 lead to US 219 south to Ridgway.

From the South, East & West take Interstate 80 to exit 18 and follow US 153 north. At Penfield take US 255 to St. Marys and take PA 120 west to Ridgway. Heavy, large vehicles PLEASE use this route. Cars and small Vans only may use Interstate 80 to exit 16 and follow US 219 to Ridgway.

Warning: US 219 North is steep, twisty and dangerous for large rigs - DO NOT USE THIS ROUTE. If you are checking a map for another route coming from the south also avoid 949 north as it leads to Arroyo Road which has a narrow bridge with a 3 Ton limit.

In Ridgway at the intersection of Main St. and Broad you will see a Sheets Convenience Store on left go straight through 4 lights. Site is approx. 9 miles. Go up a steep hill and over a narrow bridge. Speed limit is 30 mph. You'll see a sign for Little Drummer, keep driving. There is a sign for ATV Timberline Trailhead. Then at the intersection of Arroyo Rd and Spring Creek Rd. make a right onto FS 136 (not marked, dirt road). Go north 4.5 miles towards Owls Nest. Welcome Home!!! Follow speed limits - 20 mph on dirt roads.

Until Spring Council reaches a decision, there is no answer to the question of where the gathering will be. However, given the large number of states scouted for this year's gathering and given that Spring Council is usually (but not 100% of the time) less than 100 miles from the gathering site, one can draw infererences

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If there are any changes I will be updating....namaste'
u were toop fast was just gonna post this
i just talked to a kitchen by phone whos real close and headed that way
Very nice ! Right in this NYers backyard! The Allegheny National Forest is very nice. See you there!

Safe travels! Lostwind
when I try looking this up I get taken to State Route 3002 and arroyo-portland road, does this sound about right? I figure a dirt road probably won't show up on this thing so I'll find that later haha
Wish I could be there for support for Tennessee.
Bee Careful and blessings to everyone heading to Spring Counsel.
thank you sir for the clarification
Since when did gatherings start going underground????? When did they start personal invitations????
Guess my bellybutton isn't good enough anymore! Oh well, I bet it gets me into PA!!!!
LOL...Damn, I was never issued a decoder ring! Guess I'll have to ask one of the Origional Elders for one.
Love Ya Zen....namaste'
Oh wow man...that ring really was important(?)...I just hope the person I traded it to knows how to use it......hey Lonnie-did ya'hear yet,what state(at least)the Nat'l is actually going to be in this year?
The National gathering will be in the Aleghaney National Forest in Pennsylvania, no word on an exact location yet, could be anytime now. In the meantime a lotta people are headed for the Spring Council Site and everyone will leave from there to start on seed camp.
Kitchen Supplies Need to get to Nationals ASAP! the bus that was taking us broke down, we have a small RV to transport people but have over 2000 pounds of food that need to get there! we have a trailer, just need vehicle capable of towing it From Oklahoma City and we have Gas money! please contact Red Woman at 405-842-3109


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