Yeah- I just I thought I'd take a minute and let new Rainbow Family members  know that the Shawnee Gathering has had some questionable activity many times- So be careful - I remember when I was there  a few years back, there were wanted Felons preying on un-suspecting  people at the gathering

I would NEVER let my children attend this Gathering without a seasoned adult accompanying them- after what I have seen go down- and the whole next day- devastation stories shared-

Personally, I hope the perpetrators are dead or in prison by now- I don't think they want to be reformed- so they need to be snuffed out- to make room for Good Humans who strive to respect their neighbors- BTW:   I don't go in for the whole ..Oh- let's just take care of our own family's law breakers with Shanta Sena will make everything good-  While Shanta Sena works for small issues at Gatherings like excessive noise- or alcohol consumption -lack of dog control- etc,  REAL crimes  like theft and physical abuse/etc- need to be addressed with REAL LAW Enforcement so these criminals are not allowed to roam freely and become repeat offenders disrupting and tainting the Rainbow Experience for the majority of the Good Folks. Right?  -

 In my opinion, if a serious crime occurs - the Police or Forest Rangers  should be called in - Period.  Let justice reign. Don't protect these assholes- ever!  I know the USFS can be intimidating and de-humanizing at times- but overall- they are just people like everyone else and should be met halfway with faith and an optimistic attitude.  But I admit, sometimes there is no rationalizing with them. At the 2006 CO gathering-  They tried to block the entrance- We rose to the occassion and we surrounded them with Love . Remember that glorious day?  They were about 20 Rangers on Horseback. Even the horses KNEW the Rangers were the bad seeds in that particular moment and place. We triumphed that day! They retreated and the good Loving familiy was able to enter the Gathering! Thank You to all the brave souls who stood up to them with Love and good energy. We proved the Magic is a Light Force of Peace and they WILL NEVER forget the wisdom we bestowed upon them , I am sure!

But Alas!  Later in the 2006 CO Gathering- the Rangers snuck up on Kiddie Village as we all know and rained pellet gun bullets on poor innocent children and mothers.  How can anyone ever forget the screams of in-justice! My good friend Brian was shot trying to help others. He's a hero in my book! Great musician, too!

It was a truly out of control scene and I think the Forest Service who were involved in that scene should feel extremely ashamed of their actions against Humanity. Imagine what the Native Americans went through. The magnitude much worse and long enduring struggle that became the greatest shame of America to this day. LIsten to Buffy St. Marie and you will understand the struggle in her lyrics of those timeless truth songs. 

When I was at the Shawnee gathering- 2 cons-  both white males 6 ft tall- one wore a VW hood ornament around his neck- and his cohort were casing people out in the parking area- I also overheard them discussing their heroin dealings - and jail time- etc- These guys didn't bother me- but they were casing my nice 96' cobalt blue VW Jetta-  Yeah- I know they might read this and remember me- but I'm no pushover- if they ever come after me- they WILL rue the Day!  I trust my insticts at all times- when it's time to roll out of the chaos- I resolve and exit the gathering- and I advise others to pay attention to the vibes also- I usually travel alone- so I HAVE to look out after myself-  I've had Brothers act like they were helping lead me to the main trail- only to find- they were trying to lead me away from all the trails- to jump me- They were not successful- I'm one tough cookie- trained with Bruce Lee in my dreams- so now you know!

 While walking the main trail 2 other ex-cons  almost  jumped me and  I KNEW they were rotten apples-  One guy was 6ft loped around with a un-even walk- and he had a shorter cohort who had one of those sheepish guilty auras as he trailed in the taller cons trail like his partner in crime- the taller guy sounded mentally ill from too much meth or something similar- Never forget Folks,  Fried Meth brains DO NOT have remorse for their crimes- IN FACT, most of them won't even remember what they did the next day-   so stay clear of these losers- and warn your neighbors if they are around. I turned and faced them- and set them straight-  with my cold as stone Peace stance- and they KNEW- they were messing  with fire- so they skittered along- looking for other prey- like scared Hyenas-  Shanta Sena  would have monitored them and ushered them out of the site- at a larger gathering- but these smaller regionals are not always organized as well-   Back at the 2006 Steamboat Springs  CO National- I have to admit-  Shanta Sena was excellent- highly organized and efficient- with many good brothers and sisters- Elders and younger Folk networking on Walkie Talkies- etc- 

...Back to the Shawnee Gathering-  i left soon after- I realized I my car was also being cased out-  I left and traveled to Asheville, NC-  where I had a good community experience at the Drum Circle they host every Friday night? I think-  but I met 2 girls- who had just got back from the Shawnee, Gathering- and they also said- they were targeted by similar dark karma criminal fake rainbow people-  So I implore all Family members- Do not let your loved ones attend this gathering alone-  make sure they have at least 2 friends to protect and band together- and also Always have pepper spray and protection-

When I was there- no Forest Ranger presence was evident- so I  got the feeling- everyone was on their own-   maybe there have been mostly good years there- but after my experiences- Never again. Period.

I also noticed a troop of about 30 dark riders-   (you know- the one's that purposefully smear train grease on their faces and wearing charcoal drenched tank tops and slacks- These were not street people or gutter punks.  I personally have never encountered them before that day. I felt like I was in a Apocalyptic end of days movie- They definitely were brain washed. I became very scared at this point- I admit- It looked like they were trying to persuade weekend Rainbows into their midst. I got the heck out of there FAST and thanked the Kind Spirits who helped me escape. The only question is: Who was the cult leader?  A-campers were mingling with them like they were their personal subjects?  I've been to 7 National Gatherings-  They made A-camp look like Bambi, basically- but maybe they were A-camp - I'm un-certain- 

And then- there was the PA Regional I attended - mostly good- but one REALLY bad old Con-with long artificcially dyed black hair and raspy beard- Also- a very weathered face - frown lines pre-dominant. He donned an oily weathered floppy dark hat and a long black trench coat-  but I have also seen him wearing camoflage jacket  (also he smells rancid- like he hasn't taken a bath in years! He walks around with a VERY mean German Shepherd dog- that he has most likely abused. I never blame the animals- They are like abused children with people like that-. I feel very sad for them and hope they break away and find a nice companion. His business is selling fake drugs to people in the dark- -If he swindles you- don't approach him- He carries a handgun- He's BAD NEWS!  He was also at the CO 2006 Gathering-  This is the darkest person  I have ever encountered anywhere! Keep a Lookout-  he should have more grey hair by now- Most likely he's back in prison where he belongs-

Be Very Careful-  I only write this to wake Folks up- to reality- Sure I wish everything was peaches and cream, too- but let's face it-  there are some REALLY bad  apples out there-   Be Wise- Wicca...Be Safe  and keep an eye out for your naive neighbors-  

Peace, Love, and Wisdom 

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Okay not to sound like an idiot here but is this shawnee as in Pennsylvania? I just moved up to Pennsylvania and there is a shawnee state park near me so I just wondered.
Shawnee National Forest lies between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, in southern Illinois. Its terrain spans woodlands, hills and lakes. Wildlife includes bald eagles. The Garden of the Gods wilderness area features ancient sandstone cliffs and formations. Trails include the long River to River Trail and the Rim Rock National Recreation Trail, circling an escarpment. Jackson Falls has steep bluffs and a waterfall.


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