There is alot that has changed since we last posted about the Community..


We have been in Chimes at the Roundhouse now for a full year!


Here are the updates:


As everyone knows change flows and ebbs. It is a part of our everyday lives.The Roundhouse as seen alot of change. People come and go..


As everyone knows, we have a Rabbitry. We have 9 breeding does and 3 bucks. We have also acquired Americana Chickens, otherwise known as the easter egg layer. We have 6 hens and a rooster. Also a part of our family is a pot bellied pig who lives in the house, who potty trained herself and is a wonderful creature to have around! She is about 5 months old now.We also have a cat, a ferret, guinea fowl and 2 dogs.



We are looking for strong competent family to come and be a part of us, as permanent members. More than ever we need you right now.

We are also in dire need of a vehicle preferably a truck (can't get up and down the hill without one). Right now we are practically vehicle-less and we cannot run a community without the means of transportation.


If we cannot get help within the next few days or at the latest a week, we will have to temporary move our community. We dont want to have to leave our beautiful Roundhouse and the forest...


Please if you can help....


We Love You Family!


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           Hello Alicat .        

                       I just read about your dire situation .  I have to testify in court for a friend but they have            

            continued it .  The attorney says I need to be available in case he needs to call me in .       

                       I assume that your property sits down in a valley . The road out from it must then be an 
             an uphill climb . Is that correct ?  Do you have no vehicle at all or one that needs some type of 
             repair work .   I saw a picture of your home which appeared to be in a beautiful setting . 
                        From your statement it sounds like you are in need of a four  wheel drive vehicle .  Why 
              are you faced with a need to move .  Are you without food and water to sustain you .
                         I checked and you are about 2000 miles from my location . I am about 25 miles west  
               of Pittsburgh PA.  I do not know how I can help you at the present, but would like to see if 
              could figure out a solution . Can you give further info and do you have  photos that show . 
                         I will hope the Lord has smiled upon you and some kind soul came to your rescue .  Is  
               a  long term solution needed to resolve your ongoing problem .       Let me know more about  
                your community and what you are physically trying to accomplish there .       Shepherboy..

                          Sorry , I pressed reply and it appears to have gotten a little scrambled .













How is the community? Where is it exactly? Could myself, my bf and our 5 year old son come?


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