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Howdy Folks!
Recently our access to Rainbow Gatherings was interrupted by a maintenance notice. When the maintenance noticed expired, we could no longer access Rainbow Gatherings through our domain name, ""
We can access Rainbow Gatherings through the "Ning" address, "" However, you might find that some of the links on this page are still on the domain addy and will not connect. You can fix it by inserting "" in place of ".org" on your address window. You then can bookmark the ning addy until we fix it.
We haven't heard from our hosts, Chris and Tysha in a while. I hope they are blissfully camping beyond cyber space, but I did send them each a message about our problem.
I also messaged Ning administration and was promised a reply in 24 hours.
I agree with Soaring Eagle that it is probably a problem with the domain registration or a glitch in the maintennance process.
We don't think it will be difficult to fix either way. Shouldn't take more'n a couple of hose clamps, pliers and a screwdriver.

Blessings to you all.

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worse case would be that the registration fee was never paid for the next billing cycle.. if thats the case and the 2 creators are unreachable perhaps someone could be added as a alternate billing address should just be a small annual fee, no big deal

im assumming it was just a screw up with the server though.. we'll just have to wait and see what the reply is from the host
I received a reply from Ning administration informing us that access to our domain name has been suspended because of a billing problem which we should be able to fix when our hosts, Chris and Tysha return.

In the meantime, some of the links on this page may not work. If you get a "Page not found" message when clicking on a link, simply type in, "" in place of ".org" in your address window. Here is an example of the difference.

"" will work if you change it to:


I suggest you bookmark your favorite links for convenient navigation until we fix our problem.

Blessings and Welcome Home!
Looks like everything is fixed here at Thanks to our hosts, Chris and Tysha, we are back online with our original domain name and all our links appear to be working again.

sorry guys my phone is 415-828-6799
if anything ever happens.
Lola is admin now too :)
Thanks Chris. Blessings!


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