Im going to the gathering. Does anybody have some good ideas on how I can haul a piano through the woods to main circle? The only thing that I can think of is to make a bomb-proof cart from scratch but that is spendy. Maybe someone has a simpler  cheaper idea that is safe?

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I'm a long, full skirt kinda guy myself.
Also I am looking for performers for the first Rainbow Symphony Orchestra. Apply here. Auditions will be held at Instant Soup Kitchen at rainbow-thirty. Peace and Love are required.... For any questions that you have, you may contact the Universe that is inside of you..... it is there that you will find the answers.
You are SOOOOO HOOOOO RIIIIGHT.......Where the helll was my sense of ambiance?????    I am wearing a horse hair shirt as we speak, having already self flagellated.  As penance for my complete disregard to 'Rainbow Heritage", I will provide the candles......(do I have to make them......starting with the location of the beehive), or can I buy them?    (Maybe I can trade them for a slightly used shirt?)
looking forward to seeing you there brother

Why don't you just get a battery operated piano ?


A battery piano at a Rainbow Gathering? Thats like taking a date to McDonalds.
I think you could build a strong enough cart for $100 or so. All you need are garden cart wheels, axles and some 1/2 inch plywood as a base. I'd recommend pneumatic tires so they'll have a little bit of give. Then 4 or 6 strong people to push and balance and you've got it sussed. I love the idea and I really hope you'll do it! (Here a wheel like I'm talking about.)
Thanks for all of the replies, I had a similar idea with the cart but I have seen so many carts completely destroyed by the main trail just by hauling cans of tomato sauce or a metal cooking grate let alone a piano. BUT I think I might unscrew the pianer into 2 pieces and actually mount the wheels to the piano, layed down flat so that It cant fall on some hippin trippy, and then pull and push it like a wagon.  But now I dont have a way to haul it from Montana yet. My truck has a busted windshield and THE MAN dont like that. so I will have to fix that. PEACE YO!
'S been done before!  At '99 PA Gathering, probably the steepest, muddiest Gathering on record.  Granola Funk spirited an upright in wi' the help of a group of young bucks inspired by a righteous 420 Event.  They got it out, too, which amazed me even more.

    I was at that gathering and I saw the piano. I understand that he put up an ounce of weed for a reward to haul it in but I still dont know how they did it, but this gives me some more ideas.

   That was by the way, my most favorite gathering ever. (they're all my favorite), It was my 2nd one and I was living 4 hours away so I went to seed camp and council. Every week or so I would go to my house to get friends, food and supplies to bring back. We tripped in the rain together with my crazy brothers and sisters, who made me laugh so hard that I peed myself and I played music until my voice was gone and I made friendships that are eternal. I love you all and I will see you soon.

I have seen a piano brought to the bottom of a canyon before.


They got 2 12 foot poles(trees) about 3-5 inches thick which they then used parachute cord to tie to the piano. and then they had four guys haul it in like hunters would haul something they had killed.


They rested on the way but were able to get the piano down a winding trail to the bottom which was 1.6 miles. and then they hauled it back up. It was crazy amazing. Good luck


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