Im going to the gathering. Does anybody have some good ideas on how I can haul a piano through the woods to main circle? The only thing that I can think of is to make a bomb-proof cart from scratch but that is spendy. Maybe someone has a simpler  cheaper idea that is safe?

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PS---- this is an upright piano. 


Sure, get a long pole, tie loops around it, (loops up and tied securely with one foot of gap between the top of the piano and the top of the loop).  Slide the pole through the loops, ( making sure the pole is longer than the piano is wide)   Then ask two Ogres from your local Steadfast to come with you for "FREE FOOD IN THE WOODS".
hmm thats not a bad idea except that one of the Ogres might stub their toe running to the 4:20 circle. But If I turned the piano into the 4:20 circle and then have a BUNCH of poles for everybody to grab then maybe?..............
Perhaps if you were to modify the piano into the likeness of a BONG?  My experience is that people will manifest from all directions simultaneously.  Thus your helping hands.  What think you?
Im thinking about dis-assembling it. Its held together with screws and I could just strip it down to the cast iron hunk of boat anchor thingy that holds the strings together. At least it would no longer have a half ton of Mahogany attached to it.  OR If a brother/sister would be so kind as to loan me their helicopter? I promise to keep it under 60 and I will fill the tank. thank you.

Last time Ient out my, little Bell, I call her, they tracked in mud and there were roaches everywhere.  They must have taken it up to 420 mph.   Oh.....and a bunch of munchie wrappers too! NEVER AGAIN

     Now......what time in history is it anyway...hmmmmmmmmm.. oh yea, say, don't we have electronic keyboards that weigh..say 5 lbs?

You'll need extension cords; the currant bushes don't have enough electricity. LOL

haven't' you ever done the lemon thing?.....all we need to bring in, is 400 pounds of lemons, 20 feet of #10 copper solid wire and a spool of 16 guage strand wire,4 rolls of solder, 2 round tins of flux, 1 propane torch, 2 canisters of propane, and God's intervention to make it produce the correct voltage and amperage.....  Ta Da  Problem solved!

Learn something new every day!!! :)
electronic keyboard? No way. The vision of a full piano playing music at main  circle is what blows my dress up.
Oh and dont forget the dinner candles
Why not a candelabra?  Liberace, here we come!!!


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