Like most other necessities power requires Green energy. $… It’s not so difficult to figure out. I have priced components (batteries, inverters, solar & wind generators. For about $2,000 one can generate 10,000 watts of contentious power. This also includes a 2-year warranty on the components. $2,000 is a totally do-able cost for that much power. Within the first 2 years if something craps out it’s replaced for free. I did research for this when I started GNOMME for our site. To my dismay my crew chose Alcohol consumption over power… Happy to say they are a thing of the past.


Anyone interested just drop me a line and I can send links....

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Thank you Moon, that is my home for about 8 mos. a year. Picture was taken in So Cal dessert near Salton Sea, where I camp for several months each year.
Bob, does it have one of those tailgate kitchens? Do you always sleep inside or to you cowboy it too?

The fed is offering a program that they put the system on your house and what ever your electric bill was is your payment towards paying off your panels and batteries, they have roof sheets that are your entire cover pretty cool. Iwill get more info if people are interested   FwF

Am excited to add this website to your info, Lightweight:

This guy explains voltage for idiots like me; am pleased to say I now understand the basics.  He and his wife live in a 5th wheel using solar power only; doesn't have a generator.   He explains how to handle salesmen (solar, batteries, etc) and know what you need and how to put it together; and how to maintain it.  His advice is geared to road-dogs; that's many of us.

I got the most power out of a 400 watt wind turbine, commercial made  kind.  Its up on a 30 foot pole tied down with guy wires.  Charges 3 marine batteries.  The solar panels were running  to it as well, until someone decided to "recycle" the piece of brass where all the wires connected. This provided enough power to pressurize the water with a 12 volt pump, keep the computer and phone charged,   and run a couple of 12 volt florescent lights at night.  For several years we used a Honda sedan that someone rolled out on the highway as a back up generator to charge batteries when the solar and wind wasn't cooperating.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket...


Hi Everyone,   Be sure that if anyone is going to buy an inverter to be sure and get a pure sinewave one, square wave or modified sinewave inverters will not work very well if at all on appliances or equipment with electrical transformers, i found out the hard way with a 5KW modified sinewave one, but works good on most electric motors, refrigerators and A/C units without the modern circuit board controls. 


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