Those of you who have been keeping up with Day Browns Marijuana Trials here in Arkansas, the trials are now over. Day is in jail. THe jury was picked Friday and the trial he;d the same day. The jurors were asked if the supported decriminalization of marijuana, if they said yes then they were dismissed!  Just like the justice system to do this! What are we to do?

Though I cannot fine out where. The local jail says he is not in their jail and wont tell me anything further. Also, I have tried to get in touch with the prosecuting attorney but his phone says out of business...I dont understand...I cant find any information to get in touch with his kids..I am not sure what to do...but thats about all I know, hopefully soon I will have more information.

With Love

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Found out he was sentenced to 16years in the age of 72 and a post polio victim to boot!
wow.. asking the jury that is bullshit.!! i dont think they should be aloud to do that.. he is supposed to be judged by PEERS. that it the point of trial by jury. if they make sure everyone on the stand is against him they are setting him up for failure..
The Justice System no longer promotes JUSTICE!!!
Called the jail to set up an appt and i have to have an ID which I dont have...what am I to do..I jsut dont know..I barely slept last night maybe got 4 hours if that...
Sounds like you're getting the run-around!
Wish I knew how to help.
Well i finally got something...I should be able to talk to him on the phone tomorrow someone is donating $25 that I need in order to talk to him on the phone.
Alicat, I pray you find a way to help Day get out; bail for now. Did they take him to AZ? You need to talk to an ACLU office.

I spent some time on Day's webpage. What an amazing, bright guy! I'm a Joseph Campbell student, so really appreciate Day's foray into mythology/archeology/early religions. Fascinating stuff. His designs on the property (from your roundhouse/barn pics) are really cool, too. It just sounds, from his history of search and seizures that he has gotten a really dumb bum rap. No mention is made of a lawyer. If he is avoiding this, it is time to stop doing that!

Talk to ACLU and get an opinion. Sounds like the system (admittedly broken) really has nothing; but is just convinced that what they don't have is really there... so is determined to bust him. Maybe they are mixing him up with someone else. Who else out there has similar name, for instance? I'm grabbing at straws, but there are angles here that seem to need exploring. The State's doggedness makes no sense.

My heart is with you.
I want to Thank Everyone for their support! Thank You soo very much! It means alot to me and to him... if you would like to visit either of his websites here they are:

Loving You Family!
I got a little bit more information to share with you. This was an email I got from one of his family...

I called the Van Buren County Sheriff's office, and found out a few things. He'll be there at the jail in Clinton for a few months, probably, although there's no telling exactly. He's on his way to the Arkansas Department of Corrections, a state prison somewhere, and they're just holding him until he gets transferred. I also called the Department of Corrections people, who said they are just now processing and assigning facilities for people who were taken in in May and June, so it'll be a while before they get to him, as he just showed up Sept. 21st.

When you search for Day on the Arkansas Department of Corrections website, you can find him listed under number 148461, and they say his projected release date is 6/19/2017, which seems earlier than 16 years, but maybe that's what they project based on probation for good time or something.

If you wanted to you could write to him at
Dale Brown
Van Buren County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 451
Clinton AR

If we wanted to, we could send money to his commissary fund by money order to Van Buren County Commissary, and put Day's name in the memo line. He can have paperback books but no hardback books or magazines, a few pictures, a flat sheet (not a fitted sheet), 2 white t-shirts, 2 pairs of white socks, 2 pairs of white boxers. Anything else he would have to buy from the commissary. It looks like the DOC website has a way to donate to inmates' accounts online, but that that won't work for Day until he's in a state facility somewhere.
This article was featured in the Van BUren Democrat Sept 24th 2010

A Van Buren County Circuit Court jury has found a 71-year-old man guilty of four drug charges and recommended a 16-year sentence.

Dale Brown was found guilty Friday, Sept. 17, of manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms. The jury recommended three years and a $10,000 each on the manufacturing and possession with intent charges, a $10,000 fine on the drug paraphernalia charge and 10 years in prison on the firearms charge.

Circuit Judge Charles E. Clawson said he would take the jury’s recommendation under advisement. Brown is being held at the Van Buren County Detention Center while he awaits a bed at the Arkansas Department of Correction.

In his opening statement, Brown, who represented himself, noted that his arrest was almost two years ago, and that there had been delay after delay, most recently in June when a judge decided “I should have my head examined.”

Public defender Mel Jackson was appointed second chair to assist with Brown’s defense.

Deputy Prosecutor Joe Don Winningham, in his opening statement, said the case against Brown was a “simple case.”

On Oct. 9, 2008, the Arkansas State Police and the 20th Judicial District Drug Crime Task Force were flying over the northern part of the county and had information about marijuana being grown there, Winningham said.

When they saw a patch that appear to be marijuana on Kirkendoll Road, they asked for and received Brown’s consent to search, and also obtained a search warrant, Winningham said.

What they found, the prosecutor said, was 122 marijuana plants, multiple plastic bags holding marijuana, three firearms and devices to extract THC in its pure form from the plants.

The prosecution’s first witness was Drug Task Force agent Brian Tatum who testified about talking with Brown and what officers found inside and outside the residence.

Tatum said the marijuana plants had white cloth flowers attached to them with green tape and that he believed that was an attempt to hide the plants. He echoed Winningham about the drugs and items found at the home, including finding two of the weapons loaded and standing in the hallway.

On cross examination, Brown asked Tatum about a patch of marijuana near a pond he said he directed officers to. Tatum said he saw evidence that the plants had been there, but were no longer.

“Does it look like someone took the pot they could steal then called you about the pot they couldn’t steal, that was too close to the house?” Brown asked.

“I could see that,” Tatum said, prompting Winningham to request that Brown not be allowed to ask witnesses to speculate.


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