LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device is ultimately to be used to turn Humans into docile mindless Slaves

First off, I can see some extreme situations this device could save lives, but I still feel ultimately, it is a sick machine that needs to banned or extremely limited to production.

What do you think?

Do you mind if they roll one of these LRAD Sonic Deafeners out at your young teenage active protesters next rally?  They can potentially use these machines to deter public free speech and much more. Do you mind if they permanently damage your loved one's hearing for standing up for what they believe in and practicing FREEDOM of SPEECH?

This company has sold these LRAD devices to police stations throughout North America on the down low. I see them as a negative device that should be banned as it can easily get out of control in the wrong hands. I am also concerned with any technological device that permanently damage our hearing. I think it is a gross sick invention that most likely came out of all those years of studying and torturing the dolphins to learn their sonar secrets.

To me, this LRAD device is just as abominable as the invention and creation of Nuclear Power.


i don't know if there are currently any protest movements to Ban this company from building these devices , but I would sign in a heartbeat.  

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Folks- we NEED to STOP LRAD now! I could see them using these devices at a National Rainbow Gathering!

Who has experience in creating a BAN movement from the ground up?  I think we may have to. After checking the internet, I  couldn't find any current Movements or Protests on the LRAD.  Anyone else? please share your knowledge -imagine them using these machines during Food Shortages in the future 

what the heck- no one has an opinion of this sensitive sonic issue that could destroy your children's hearing and alter their health permanently?  WAKE UP- LRAD is VERY BAD- we need to stop them- whatever it takes- this is YOUR Calling- you can make a difference- whether it be- to expose the dark truth of the company's ulterior motives and connection with World Gov't or to destroy their capability to produce these machines- (legally of course)  or to PEACEFULLY protest in front of the company-   ACTION - NOW!  We CAN SAVE this PLANET from these atrocities.

Military grade equipment used to be illegal for police depts to acquire; citizens used to be considered a protected status of people.  Now the military is selling and even giving away equipment; I wonder if there's a police dept in the country without AK-7's and combat shields.  These LRADs have been used at a few demonstrations; the G20 protest in Pittsburg as your youtube link shows; the RNC Convention in '08 (remember the 'demonstration zone' set up which was actually a large cage?) for 2 examples.  The only group with experience combatting LRADs I could find was Sea Shepherd.  They are an international volunteer enforcer of oceanic whaling laws; and all around environmental ocean mammal champions.  They have faced off LRADs used by Japanese whalers.  Evidentally, sound cancelling headphones and ear plugs help.  Besides nausea, headaches, hearing loss, and being literally knocked over by the blast, an LRAD can (did attempt to) knock a Sea Shepherd helicopter out of the sky.

My point is: you're right. Very dangerous weapon being used against citizens with or without provocation.  If you go to a major protest, please bring protection: goggles, water, bandanas, and ear plugs at the least.  Consider investing in a respirator and good noise cancelling headphones.  Even with ear protection, you can get injured.  Knee, arm pads used for skateboarding help against rubber bullets.  Not sure what you can use for body protection outside of a flak jacket.  Don't forget your helmet. Too many go unprotected and get hurt by those we pay to protect us.  It's another sad chapter in the history of our country.  Maybe all we can do, effectively and non-explosively against LRADs, is to take 'em out with a tater gun.

I love your idea of getting them banned.  However, I'd also like to just ban all military surplus in police depts... 

thanks little wing-  

thanks for your insight and thoughts on this sensitive issue of power abuse and humanity's repression. We definitely need to reel back in the over reaching military powers that be-    and let them know who they are representing and how we feel about their tactics and actions in protest and all other situations  in the U.S. and around the world, for sure.

Why should a national Rainbow peace gathering ever be a riot situation ?

Sometimes there's a worry will just get mass murdered , sometimes there's

the idea the forest will get fenced in with razor wire and we can never leave -

what !! -

it'll be welcome home forever ?

Well, yeah!  I was just thinking of protests.  Lots of Rainbows show up for 'em, including me when i can.  They are getting more dangerous.  At  a gathering?   Well, guess it's some LEOs' wet dream.   They had no problem using us as target practice in Wyoming.  They trained recruits to shoot rubber bullets in a crowd  in Kiddie Village.  We won the political battle on that one; a judge ruled against them.  But the political winds are fickle.

Well , yeah! I was there in Wyoming and was a witness to All that happened . Spiritually this was our Great Medicine Wheel gathering . Some of its stones were thrown from the circle of stones to the center , and then there appeared the smoke from a fire from beyond - and then a blessed , swirling wind - and with this to sublimely oppose it , the fire of authority consumed itself .

Today , a rainbow around the sun !

that sounds like a truly serene reality-  thanks Tikoo for reminding us to manifest positive energy and Love-

many blessings

Scariness!! Also, anyone else ever get sinister vibes from those cell phone towers? The electromagnetic radiation around those things is crazy high. Anyway This LRAD reminds me of this declassified military document:

The scary thing? It's called "mind war." Apparently the government is making war against its own citizens now ::shudder::


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