Hey all, looking to set out and join a community, thing have been going rough lately and I would like to set out somewhere, I am very able to do any work to contribute,and I'm trying to start a new chapter in life. Have not been to any gathering but have been friends with many rainbow brothers and sisters from various festivals, please get back to me

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Located in pa, have an apartment but I am trying to set out with someone or a group and travel and leave it behind

do it brother. im in ur same boat and that's wat im doin. left it all behind and traveling around ameriKKKa rite now. left sc went to key west, caught a ride to NOLA (new orleans) where i am now and headed west. come catch up. its amazing and i wudn't trade it for tha world. :) safe travels!!!!

hello brother i am in Va and are looking to set out on the same journey as yourself!!! we are both searching for a family <3
I'm heading down south in February for aura fest, then I'm off to who knows where!
I'm actually gonna be arriving in Richmond via megabus then taking it to Charlotte the next day...it's a small world!

I am too far away and have no resources but I hear ya on looking for family... it can be difficult... even here in MT

Everyone is Lao Tzu
Dance Like an Irish person having a kundalini awakening

IANDI need to not just join communitys, but IANDI also need to start communities right here right now, where we are with who we are with in oneness love peace and harmony and joy and truth

INI through the power of JAH transform and renovate all communtites into their rainbow light state level

 The earth will be made green again, every place will be healed and babylon will be no more

 the fire of this love turn it into ashes to be fertilizer for the grass

 come together and love one another right now, bring forth that life within you

sing out that heart song within you

 right now......... right now!

Ahhh, beautiful.

Why is everyone else in the east?!?! :( I is lonely. Come to the gathering this year!!


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