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Our tribe spent two weeks camping at, and helping with, the Land Trust. There is a lot of potential, but my opinion is that the people there right now are not excited to share and co-create as advertised. The culture there is going through some growing pains that make me feel unattracted to bringing more people there.

Our tribe has reduced our experience at the Land Trust for the time being. We intend to volunteer and network directly and experience deepening respect and vision for the future. We have already enjoyed creating alternative living structures out of a fusion of natural and recycled materials, and we see the potential for hands-on experiments in sustainable and genuine living. We feel very attracted towards Kentucky John's visions and actions and wish to be included in helpful and supportive ways while we gain new skills, both primal and cutting edge. There seems to be immense opportunities to network the Land Trust with other supporters and to change hearts and minds by further relationship.

We are focusing on a creating an eco Rainbow community family house -thing in Danville, and camping and creating on another (240 acre) property in Irvine. This property already has some infrastructure and is producing some of its own food (raw milk from grass fed cows, etc), There are fresh drinking water springs and it is "the shit". :) Current vision is to create the family homestead camps with the kind Krishna friends on the 240 acres.

The vision we share includes a concept called "community succession". In the vision, some people/families will be drawn to hold down a fort, whereas others will want to be runners and volunteers. When there is a release from economic insecurity and basic needs are achieved with little effort and a lot of support, people will organically go towards what they are attracted to and can experience more creative energy. Some people are more interested in being the first wave; blazing trails, digging shitters, and creating the basic fabrics of the what will become a tapestry of culture. Other people are more attracted towards creating sustainable systems and living them each day... some people follow their bliss and would garden all day long if they could. Or milk a cow. Chop wood. Still others bring music, dance, yoga, and the joy of learning with children. Every kitchen needs a fire troll or three. When we band together, we experience ascendancy. But we are valuable resources and need to spend ourselves wisely. Many of us identify as nomadic, travelers, gypsy's, on a spiritual mission, a creative awakening, or a personal journey. Some of us are homesteaders looking to land somewhere ideal. Most of us feel like we are living on faith... though what that looks like is as individualistic as the company we keep!

Ideally, we will have a local/regional tribe of people with enough adults and children to have rich learning and growing experiences together and have a variety of tribal grounds (so to speak) for intentional nomadic and "part time" nomadic life. Our focus at first is a 100 mile radius, connecting city life, country life, and low-impact forest living. The possibilities are really exciting right now! A sustainable local food network between the city and country, trading outposts both in the community and on line, a nick and night with home grown? Why not! Our vision includes creating online show-and-tell experiences that are not adverts but are displays of what our NORMAL (lol) every day life is like. A bus, maybe, or at least a car; the important thing is it has to be diesel. We have a reoccurring theme of running vehicles sustainably on used (free) veggie oil. Making funky bike carts, walking our service animals around the cool city of Lexington, and learning about water catchment, compost, gleaning, etc. How about some time and space to finally make and trade those hemp necklaces? Rent a community space to do tarrot readings, reiki, energy and body work, etc...? Make and sell wild-crafted tinctures... or chocolate... :) Sprout our own wheat and make pizzas in the cob oven that we build together? Sounds ideal if you ask me. I cannot wait to sit fire-side with my family, be it out in Irvine, in the back yard in beautiful Danville, or out in Zambia with Kentucky John, doing service work for the local tribal family there.

Many of us intend to travel "south" in the fall and winter. Specifically this year there is talk of volunteer work in Costa Rica, trips to the west coast and then south to Mexico, and an intention to join international peace rallies and caravans towards the International Rainbow Gathering this year. The idea of caravaning together is attractive for many reasons, safety being one (and enjoyment being one!).

Family, this is happening. It is not exclusive to Kentucky, by any means, but this is where my specific ass is located, right this very second, and I am living out loud. I am creating by doing, so it is happening here! We are excited to brainstorm and share our collective vision and watch it change as it evolves... in other words, if there is other land or city homes available for Rainbow tribes, we want to help create the network of families and the running of supplies and resources. Hence the veggie bus (still theoretical, lol)...

We will know by the first of August if we have an inner-city house (Danville) and the 240 acres (Irvine) to start creating the network.  We will need a vehicle asap, as a group, as the veggie van died this year on the way to Rainbow (RIP). We need to come up with $2000 asap for establishing the Danville house. I intend to start spanging, lol.

There are three solid pillars at the center of the vision: Children, Kitchen, and Outreach.

The child experience is held in highest regard... the adults can create and take the space to process or recreate in ways that never deplete the core experience of the kids. The kitchen is what feeds the souls, bellies, and heads of all of us hard workers/players. A sustainable kitchen serving real foods will heal the pains of our human experience. Yeah, I believe that. Lol. And the service work spirit of Rainbow is core and central.

  • Feeding people abundantly and for free with healing and delicious local foods
  • Educating the tribe's children by not separating Life from Learning. A "city mouse/country mouse" immersion experience and a tribal continuum of family, leaders, and teachers.
  • Rainbow as fuck.
  • Building each other up instead of tearing each other down

These are exciting times that our entities decided to live through!

In permaculture, being in a transition space is the most exciting. Where hill changes to valley, wet to dry, rock to clay... in these places of transition the bio-regions show unique adaptions and evolution.  I see the evidence of systems falling down. I have seen this my whole life; examples right in my face, evidence of transition and change. I recognize that my whole life timeline has brought me into a place of usefulness to my fellow brothers and sisters. I am particularly excited to co-create with people that bring an eclectic mixture of skill and creativity to their projects. I see people as inherently valuable and if there is a supportive environment of encouraging community, people may find their joy  and discover their inner "tug" (creativity, intuition, passion, spirituality, clarity, etc).  I trust in the spirit behind what I am attracted towards, as I know it is part of my spiritual process. I trust in this with my fellow brothers and sisters, mommas and pappas, and various road dawgs and dirty kids united. Just sayin.

How do you want to play?


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howdy!! we just left shutupandgrowit commune and that commune is pretty much disbanded as there was only 2 very cool people there when we came, we then became 4 and brought one extra person to help. the guy who owns the land however i have heard has it still open for anyone wanting to come to layfette, tenessee and there are still potatos(we harvested 50 pounds the other day), squash, herbs, and some corn that did not make it due to the drougt. there are some buses and campers on the land for anyone who wants to go and squat and not tent. we ourselves may return there in the fall or winter with our camper, or we may go to wymoning. just letting everyone know this land is still there and has potential if people want to come and work it. the vision is to feed the needy and poor without cost. we r trying to end hunger one person at a time. there is guy named mike robbins who might show up at irvine; we couldn't take him due to some issues my husband was experincing. good luck; i like y'alls' vision and it sounds like u and others have it going on; hang in there my brother Cherrysunshine

Can i come and join you? gots me two arms and legs i am a mason and landscaper and can also roof if need be. please call me

what do you eat

Talk is cheap when your intention is to mislead and abuse family that is seeking truth,shame on you for painting a lie so deep

Where is the national gathering 2014?

Just to warn you this lady is not who she claims to be we invited them in just for them to trash our place and leave, I am sure there are places that are genuine good luck and be wary of the dark nature of certain


I'd like more  info on this place in Irvine.  It's close enough I may be able to help out a lot.

hit me up at


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