Jesus Tribe...Rainbow Family of Living Light / Jesus Camp

Jesus Tribe...Rainbow Family of Living Light / Jesus Camp

I was wondering if there is any one out there that would like to get together after the nationals and have a Jesus Tribe...Gathering of the Tribes. All Rainbow Family would be invited, but this would be a time for the Jesus Tribe...Rainbow Family of Living Light get together...please email me Normal T. at


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The Vision is not just to live in Community, but to Disicple the babe's in Christ that get saved at a Rainbow gathering and help them find destiny in Christ. I want to equip the sants for service...doing the Ministry, Meeting Needs, the Gospel...Fivefold Ministry; offices of Apostle (ἀπόστολος / apostolos), Prophet (προφήτης / prophētēs), Evangelist (εὐαγγελιστής / euaggelistēs), Pastor (ποιμήν / poimēn) and Teacher (διδάσκαλος / didaskalos) referred to in Ephesians 4:11 The Vision is to raise up man and woman to be send out two by two that see the need for Market Place Evangelism. The church has been asleep in the light for to's time for us to wipe the slumber from our eyes and see that 161 unsaved people die every minute. People are dying to go to Hell! Who are you dying to Save? The first two letters in God is Go...into All the World and Preach the Good and wonderful news we can be Born Again. The Only thing I can take to Heaven with me is somebody else...Hippies still need Jesus and so does every one else...The Great Commission is to every one of us that names the name of Christ as our Lord, and Savior...If they don't get saved they are going to Hell! Romans 10:14-15 Isaiah 6:3-9 777


I am praying for others to join me...for a time of discipleship...and Bicycle Touring...Looking for 30 to 35 Brothers and Sisters willing to live in Community for a year or Two Learning to Bicycle Tour and Minister the Gospel. The Vision is after discipleship to release the Community... into two to five Brothers and Sisters to do the ministry of going into churches, Street Preaching, One on One Witnessing...and making Disciples and train others to do the Same....Luke 14:33, Mark 16:15 This is a faith ministry, I mostly tent camp, using Loaded Bicycle Touring for traveling, and Preaching the Gospel from...if you have a burden for souls and making disciples, pray about it, but this might be what God would have you Jesus Name Rap 777


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