Is it just me or does there seem to be some sort of disconnect about what calling yourself a non-member of the Rainbow means?  Did you join Because of the ideas and merits it was started for? Or did you join because you honestly want The Rainbow family to be what it was meant to be?  Or is it the excitement of gatherings? Or living the life so to speak?

The gatherings seem to be the main focus instead of the people who we call family. Now I am not saying that there are not non-members out there that are focusing on the people of the family. Trust me when I say they are out there.  So please understand that I offer this as just an opinion of mine brought out by my nature. So I offer this with no disrespect intended. But it is something I have been thinking about and would like to hear from this part of the Rainbow family of “Living light”.

Now I have been back and active on many Rainbow sites and get together’s near where I live over the last few years or so.  I have let my nature show through to those of you whom I have been blessed to have contact with. It might have been just a friendship request or a positive message just to say “Hi there, sending you some love.” Either way I have listened and discussed many subjects. I have seen people at their best and worst.


Some of the things I have seen are.

We have lost members to death, and we have helped locate missing people. We have given and taken rides, we have fed people, helped people in need. We have lifted spirits and shared ourselves with songs and pictures, music and poems. We have opened our homes. Donated green energy, we have pushed   environmental issues. We have helped the medical marijuana laws to change.  We discuss topics and share beliefs. We have pushed for solar, organics, earth built homes. We have offered to help when help is needed.  Yet at the same time a lot of people feel like most have not learned what is needed to be learned about what being Rainbow means. 

The fact that I have been sort of an Idealist all my life and have been smart enough to learn from mistakes, and take advise from  people who strive to be a good human beings, I have had a tendency to  gather with likeminded people. So I am a hippie child that grew out of the 70’s. My mother was a part of The Rainbow Family when she was in her teens up until she was in her mid thirties.

So below is what Rainbow means to me. 

Being a part of The Rainbow Family of living light is to be a “Part” of a family of human beings. This family has no leaders. The reason for that is that the idea of having a leader is to take control or to exert ones authority over others. So the practice of voting by consensus is the way the family runs.

A byproduct of this has been the need to gather to council. It was not the only reason, but it has been needed since this council came in to being.  So council happens at gatherings to help make decisions for the family. But it was never meant to be an open forum for venting or aggression of any kind. Since then what I have heard and seen is that now there are many councils for many things. So the more council we have the more gatherings we have. Or the bigger they get.

What it means to be Rainbow to me

Try to live an honest life. Don’t cheat or be greedy, recognize you are a part of a bigger family and we trust each other to do our part. Share with those in need.

Try to respect life, this does not mean you cannot eat meat. It just means respect life in all its forms. Be it plant or animal. Don’t just say it, show respect.

Respect the earth, it is our home, it has given us all we have. We are a part of it as it is of us. We need it, it does not need us.

Stand up for the down trodden, protect freedom; speak out about what is wrong. Work for non-violent solutions. Don’t harm people mentally or physically to solve problems.

Listen to your spirit, be creative, and share your heart songs, enrich lives, open yourself to the unknown, believe in the impossible. Be open to other cultures and be willing to learn about ways of living or different points of view. Take what feels right and make your own.

Over all it was the idea of trying to better ourselves and becoming better human being. Of doing the right thing even when it is tough to do.


What I have seen is sort of a mixed bag of ideas about what it means to be rainbow. Such as I have listed below.

Being Rainbow means being homeless by fate or by choice. Or living the road life, as cast offs or runaways. Or as some have called it, walking the rainbow path. (though I always thought that meant traveling from gathering to gathering.)

Giving up all possessions, and leaving Babylon: society behind. Being unemployed and living money free.

Not conforming to rules. Living off the grid.

Being vegan, or a conservationist.

Being pagans, wiccans, or any other religion that is not in the norm so to speak.

Living the gypsy life.

Being unbound, free to roam

Being a Hippie whatever that means

Being new ager,  or living native

In many ways it is all of these things. But what is the core message that is being sent? How has it gotten so confusing and  so complex that  many  seem to be struggling to understand the core  values? Why does it seem that the purpose of gatherings have transformed from the original idea into the confusion that seems to be seen today? Why is it all about the Gatherings instead of the family?   Well what does it mean to be a non-member of today’s Rainbow family of living light?

Please share for opinions and feedback. I posted this to push discussion on the direction Rainbow is going. Based on what I have heard and seen. As always I am sending out the positive vibe to you all and thank you for taking the time to read this log winded and bouncing around discussion.



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It might be because now days when you Say Rainbow people automatically think Rainbow Gathering. The gathering is a great forum but at the same time how are the core values being passed on or taught  to the new generations or the newcomer?


How I have come to see it is that the elder folk of the Rainbow are tried of the younger folks treating it like it is a party. That the coming together and sharing ones wisdom and nature seems to get lost in the Noise and chaos. There are a few that chose to be actively a part of the seed camps and focalize. They are the shitter diggers and the kitchen helpers. They keep the gatherings going. But for the ones that wonder in off the world so to speak. Where do they go to get an understanding of what it all means?


some see it as turning into just anther Festival for the kids to go to. The older folks that I have talked to see it as a reunion of sorts. A coming together to share minds and spirits. Yet there seems to be a large element of chaos and confusion on what the gathering is. Now I don't have any right to talk about the gathering other then to share my opinions based on what I have heard or seen. It has been awhile since I myself was at one. Though I have spent a great deal of time talking to folks who have.


The desire to create and to evolve the gathering is there. The Idea of what it means to be rainbow, is vast and has many colors. I just wondered how far in the name of freedom of choice are we allowing it to tumble into confusion. The melting pot that we call Rainbow is a chaotic amazing wonderful scary thing. It just seems like there is a great deal of confusion.


People who are trying to plug in seem not to know where to start.  to me it is the new mind set the the world we live in has developed. To take the initiative and start something, to step up and get a plan rolling. these seem to be areas in which some work could be done. 


thank you for the feedback. Love is life.

 Thank you for sharing,  there is wisdom there. I would like to think that we are all indeed family in one form or anther.


Love and Light

WW have spoken for me....namaste'


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