Okay I really need some help here.

I need a clear answer as to whether or not there are any 'hippy' communes in Ireland.

And if so how on earth can I get in contact with them to see if I can stay for a few months.

I'm young and uneducated in anyway that can help other than i can cook, clean, and have experience teaching drama and art to children.

I have heard that there is plenty in Scariff, a place where I have cousins and have seen plenty  of 'hippies'.

I am an absolute hippy soul at heart and have wanted to be a part of an international community for as long as I can remember.

I am so crazy to leave this mad world and experience something different with young and old.

I want to stay a few months, make some new friends and learn new things.

I can't farm, but am willing to learn, I think i'd be well suited to somewhere that is just meant to be a community, centered around social aspects and having fun.

I do drink but can kick it while staying there if that is prefered.

I am only 19 but I have a head on my shoulders and just want to get away and live my own life for a while before I go to college in September.

I want nothing more than to one day become a homeopethist, but first I'll do an Arts degree..


But enough about me.

I just really need help finding somewhere to stay and learn for the summer, I want to meet others my own age with similar views and learn from my elders. I also want to have fun! 




get back to me, I'm going crazy trying to track a place down and all I've heard is rumors, but no definate info!

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Also if there is anything else like a gathering or any alternative or 'hippy' festival in Ireland at all this year can you please help me!

I am looking for people like me!

..it's good you're researching actual events- because there are a lot of fake events that wierdo folks try to lure good Folks to; In fact, i've seen them on this actual site trying to get folks to come camp on their personal land- or whatever with the false pretense or illusion of an Eco-conscious Community awaiting them- and then they get there and realize they were duped- and in a bad scene-(Not saying they're all like that)

So be alert to this reality because They will tell you anything they think you want to hear just to get you to show up to their own personal camping trip- you're better off to get yourself a ticket to an nice outdoor Concert event-(that's what I did- bought my ticket two months in advance- gives me something to look forward to) I'm sure there are some legitimate Eco-Conscious types of Communes out there- so keep researching

thank you.... I know there are a lot of people who are interested in the same things and live alternative, eco and 'hippy' lifestyle I knew loads of them growing up...

But there are no communes really....

Not that I can find....

Also if you were a legitimate 'hippy' I doubt that you'd spend a lot of time on the internet so they are quite hard to find if there are any.

I am concerned with my own safety and will be sure to tell my family exactly where I'm going and keep in contact with them.

But I'm going crazy here, I'm nearly finished school and when I'm finished I want to go on an adventure!

If anyone could give me any definate info or help on finding something cool to do or to go to or to stay I'd appreciate it so much!

But i cannot leave the country ....

there are some good communes out there-i hope; although  i have limited experience- I visited the EarthHeart Commune in Monticello, KY once- and saw shady characters hiding out from the law and targeting new comer females- i had to protect my female friend and her children from one such character- so from that experience and living on a community farm for a while- i realized many transient males hide out at these Communes un-beknownst  to the Commune's Hosts or creators sometimes- and prey upon Peace Loving Folk who they see as easy prey-

I guess you've looked all over the internet for gatherings, communal living in Ireland, hippies...

I guess one thing you could do is go to every hippie forum type site you can find and seek out Irish members. 

We just aren't an organization; we pop up everywhere but don't join something and become a known entity.  So finding what you're looking for could be just as basic as looking for other Irish hippies online.

Rainbow does have a website:  http://welcomehome.org/rainbow/index.html and on that website is this international page: http://welcomehome.org/rainbow/index.html  But I see nothing close to you.  If nothing else, you can get lots of info about Rainbow on the welcomehome site.

Pullin' for ya and hope you find a happy hippie home!  Time is on your side; if not before school next fall, the following summers are fair game for a vacation from babylon.  There are usually hippies in colleges, too.

yes thank you so so so so much! 

I have spent hours combing the net for anything based in Ireland...

It wouldn't make sense for true hippies to be on the internet all the time anyway! haha

:) I think I was beginning to lose it and felt trapped in normal life.

But I have two months left of school and I'm going to track down as many festivals as possible.

:) Everyone here is so nice and helpful!

Drives me crazy when people don't understand the bohemian lifestyle that I crave!

hey sister, dont worry your not going to lose it! your powerfull and strong, just remember that :-) Im based in Scariff as it happens but not really the kind of place you need.  There is a lot happening in west Cork, with the WC scene there is not somewhere like a communal squat but I can direct you to a beautiful bunch of people at a working forest place that have all sorts of gigs and it might suit you ... What IMO you would be well to find is a rainbow gathering. now I know my friends are arranging something but my contact is via face book so If you want I can introduce you through there. PM me But really at the moment our scene is not so well developed. in the UK is a WISE rainbow on now. the greek one starts as well in a couple of weeks. The rawfood gathering is in south  Germany from 8th aug... IMO the best intro you could ask for. Its not so expense to fly ryan air you know.  I will be there with my wee daughter.  of course there is benificio is Orgive spain, a great place as an intro but prob not at this time... . The thing is that when , like me, youve been doing this for 30yrs then we see a lot of people who  want to join ,but they dont want to work! the truth is that afteer a while they drain the energy and become unwelcome. We have kids responsibilities etc and we cant actually carry anyone else for very long. SO the secret is to add to their/our lives, bring more than you  take. Life is about an exchange of energy. So what often happens is that long time travelers exchange their lifestyle and food etc for money. a little cafe at a festy ,  etc etc etc. The rainbow, somehow works , Im not really sure how :-) magic probably  but IMO its not a sustainable thing, thats  why its a month here a month there etc. new energy and people and food comes in ... this keeps it alive.  I remember when I was yr age I was alone in a small town, I had a few friends but no one like me... then I went to a free festival and wow there were thousands of people like me! I never went back ,  Im still a long time full time traveller. :-)  Really truly a rainbow gathering is your best bet IMO its Ideal for you.   The Irish gatherings though are short just a weekend maybe.. still a great oportunity. at least one of the organisers is Galway based., its best to go rainbow  for a month or 2 weeks minimum thats a loooong time at a rainbow , a looot can happen! :-) your the same age as my eldest daughter  who starts college in Galway next season.  So... if you want to message me I can send you some FB addresses, obviously not up on an open forum. Blessings. Will

Some good advice there, Will: ~Give More Than You Take~ :)

Heather: All You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You


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