Family, this really needs some serious Rumor Control. Everywhere I go on the web, I see variations of the following:

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow"
Old Native American Prophecy

Now, this would be a wonderful thing to spread around, IF IT WERE TRUE.

But it's not.

In 1997, Michael I. Niman wrote People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia. While gathering material for his book (by hanging out at Gatherings), Niman came across this 'prophecy' and decided to do some research. What he found is not only sad, it's downright embarrassing.

It turns out that the story was made up. It was first mentioned in a book titled Warriors of the Rainbow, written in 1962. The book is a mess, with a strong anti-Semitic undertone and a very badly-disguised attempt to evangelize Native Americans by telling them that their religion is just a bastardized version of Christianity.

By continuing to spread this rumor, we are disrespecting our Native American family, our Jewish family, and even our Jesus Freak family. It needs to stop. There are plenty of wonderful truths we can spread about rainbow Gatherings without relying on a phony "prophecy" to legitimize our Family.

Peace, Hugs, and Crunchy Granola,


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Well, it's been over 90 days, and I've had no reply from any of the tribes whose elders I contacted. I can only conclude that this issue is of no importance to them.

Perhaps the issue of Rainbow Family claims is irrelevant to them- I can see where it would be. Perhaps random letters from someone concerning rumors about the Rainbow family are irrelevant to them- I can also see that possibility.

In any case, their lack of response proves nothing without their explanation as to why they ignored it. Without their input one can assume or "conclude" anything they choose. We still do not know the truth.


But if we don't know the truth, should we be simply repeating what amounts to an unconfirmed rumor as if it were true?

the earth is ravaged and the animals dying . rumor ?


shall a new tribe arise to restore the positive through action and deed ? well , ya that can seem too super humanly heroic to be exactly true . for some people it's just jesus who will do that .




indian elders have spoken to me about rainbow ... rather , they have spoken to me . in one conversation i was relating our experience of the rainbow around the sun and how people would cry . 

oh , the elder replied , have you a special song for this ?



The first thing we must do is separate fact from rumor so we can discuss it intelligently-

Fact: these prophecies regarding the end times are historically recorded fact straight from the mouths of Native American elders. The fact that one or more of us don't happen to know these elders does not reduce the respect we should be showing them. The fact that some caucasian male denied their reality in a book in the 60's or on YouTube does not make them false.

Rumor: the Rainbow family are all rainbow warriors here to save the Earth.

Agreed we should not repeat unverified rumors.

However, we should also not get confused and try to deny facts along with the rumors (baby with bath water syndrome) just because we have a problem with them. (And I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with some members of the Rainbow family.)

 so a tribe of rainbow warriors has maybe not arisen yet . arising implies a path of becoming and a necessity , and thus a destiny .


Destiny is as spiritual an idea as Center of The Gathering . one knows it by living it . idealism is irrelevant , stories can be stories . i have never heard the story that the rainbow family are all rainbow warriors . the story is all rainbow warriors are a tribe .


perhaps you've heard the story that perfection is perfectly stinky people who only drink filtered water ?

Agreed. I was addressing Sean's original premise that since the tribe of warriors has not yet manifested that the original prophecy was false.

Again, there are two separate concepts involved in this discussion.

I accept his premise that the tribe of rainbow warriors has not fully manifested and some are credited with that title without necessarily deserving it, and I can understand his problem with the concept given his past experience with some of the less trustworthy members of the family. However, that does not disprove the reality of the Native American prophecy or that some of those warriors are indeed alive now.

Merely pointing out the flaw in his premise that since the reality of the prophecy was denied in a book written in the 60's and by someone on YouTube,  and is not yet fulfilled, it must therefore never have been uttered as a prophecy.

That's quite a leap of illogical thought.

"Fact: these prophecies regarding the end times are historically recorded fact straight from the mouths of Native American elders."

Historically recorded where? This is what I've been trying to determine: what is the source of these prophecies, and can that source be verified?

So far, all I've found is the book I quoted from that purports to debunk the prophecies.

How hard have you been trying? Did you actually read the first free book I found for you to research? The one you had quoted as your "authority", but which failed to hold up under examination? (Scroll back- it's still there in my January 29 post.)
You say you want to do some research- let me introduce you to Type that into your browser address line and search for "Hopi Prophecy" and after you peruse that long list of references search on "Hopi Prophecy book". This will provide you with enough research material to last you a long, long time. Of course you can dismiss some of them as rumor and fantasy lacking authority, but if you really want to research the issue, and do your own due diligence, you will find some with good authority as well.

Two that jump out right off the top are:

(Straight from the mouth of a Hopi elder)

A Hopi Elder Speaks
The Prophecy of the Hopi A look at the Hopi prophecy.

and (since you seem to prefer books to the Internet)

Book of the Hopi: Frank Waters: 9780140045277: Books
 Rating: 4.4 - 18 reviews - $10.77 - In stock
Book of the Hopi, +, The Fourth World of the Hopis: The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved, +, The Hopi Survival Kit: The Prophecies, Instructions and ...

If you wish to read that book for free, you'll find it here.

Now the work has been done- research to your heart's content.

At this point I have provided you with enough material to research the authenticity of the Hopi prophecies. I have debunked the book you claim to be your "authority" which was quoted in yet another book (have you read either of them?). I have presented logical analysis of your thoughts by separating the actual prophecy from the Rainbow Family's claims to it.  I have provided solid reference material for you to peruse.
If you wish to continue this thread it will be without me. For at this point, if you do continue without due diligence on that material, I can only accept your own self-description from your profile: "Flute-playing wise-cracking shitter-digging troublemaker."

One who chooses to not believe never will.

P.S. Let me once again apologize to you for the injustice you feel was done to you by some members of the Rainbow Family. Perhaps you will feel better about things if you let go  of that.

Morgan, you're far too sold on your fundamentalism to see reality. Go on repeating rumors and attributing unfounded nonsense to the Hopis if it makes you feel better.

Peace, even in disagreement.

there was one time a Hopi elder gave us dance . the motions had to do

with harvesting . we were asked to keep it just as it was taught for 4

years , then in year 5 it could  be changed . at age 49 i danced in year 2 .

we are loved .




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