Goat here. Well one of em anyway. Met a handful of goats by goat camp and well haha..

Anyways upon leaving Montana there abandoned was a 1978 Dodge Sportsman. Camper Van if you will. Slashed tires but what caught our attention was that it said FREE!

From Montana to Virginia. two batteries, alternator and regurgitation of countless of pick ups and drop offs.  She finally made it somewhere she she can rest and be retrofitted to once again take on the road, naturally going to whichever destination the gatherings be as well as places in between.

As patchwork repairs are done and her innards be cleansed and scented down she is in very much need of a crew!

As of now only the Captain, myself, remains and a possible first-mate yet nothing is finalized. Leaving 3 seats open to whomever would seek it, ride the asphalt waves inside a van designed to both entertain, supply, feed and aid those of the family as well as those lost within babylon. A decision made final upon the 4 members who found her and throughout her journey, bled for her.

Application are being set up, generally it's just a few questions and availability as of method of getting to where she's stationed at if you've been plucked to jump aboard.  We'll ride to you if we have too!

Silly questions yet taken seriously.

Preferred poisons, diet, musical talent, road wisdom, and trades. Etc etc blah blah.
Licensed driver. just in case. haha.

Just search for dreadedsatyr on fbook and or here. Estimated departure time is within the first week of sept.

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Oh and yes I forgot. To anyone who would aid and sponsor and or share wisdom of a 1978 Dodge Sportsman.

She most def needs a ghost crew!

its not a scotty is is?

I would absolutely love to join . Ill find you on facebook!(:


Love to join single mother 17 year old works on done cars 6 year old snd 4year old cash and food stampd monthly
Pretty much my dream. I know nothing of car repair but hell I'd be stoked to learn if someone would teach me. I play guitar and cook a bit. I've got a solid work ethic and a lot of love, both of which I think could go over well on the road. But hey I just realized this post is from 2013 haha is this still a dream?


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