I need a symbol that will help open up the soul chamber to help let soul traveling happen. Anyone seen anything like that? I keep looking but cannot filter through the regular junk on the internet.

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the crescent moon seems a symbol for pathway . a personal

symbol of mine is a crescent and three snakes - a soulful traveller's sign .

it's good . sometimes when i come to a strange land my name is already known

though i don't feel at all famous .


i couldn't imagine a soul chamber

that has not been forever open , a moon lit path from there , and to walk

as you please .

A soulful traveler's sign? Can you elaborate? 

hi , raven .

it's easier for me to think upon soulful travelling rather

than soul travel , tho maybe there's not much difference .


raven is a fine sign . raven travels high and far and sees much . recently

i had a couple years on the road with an idea about ravens in mind . twas

a long journey to discover 'the circle of ravens' . i'd walk about the forests

and the towns every once in a while looking to the sky ... but it this was just

a funny pure idea and i had no particular expection of what seeing

such a circle might mean - perhaps something revolutionary , and life would

become something more .


i did find that circle . in the sky of the mountains

of new mexico the ravens gathered . two circles were formed . it seemed to

me two raven tribes were having a pow wow , two circles in motion , distinct

yet mingling .


the Nez Perce Indians ( NeeMeePoo) of idaho have a community dance to receive guests

that is quite like this .

a symbol? what about... acid test? at least thats a 'symbol' that undoes itself, has no karma, and is universally understood

"...But that crucial non−game terror−reverence aweful moment comes...
There comes a time when the ecstatic cry is called for.
At that time, you must be ready to pray.
To go beyond yourself. To contact energy beyond your game.
At that time you must be ready to pray.
When you have lost the need to pray....
Your are a dead man in a world of dead symbols.
Pray for life.
Pray for life."


i worship you constantly as God, worshipping God, everything is God!

meditate on your consciousness.   For everything takes place in consciousness. If you can tap into pure consciousness in meditation you can see everything that takes place in the One consciousness and travel not in space and time but in consciousness , consciousness is where time and space take place...



Thank you.

what about hands as a symbol

in the dictionary , hands is hello one to another

and all family  .

Time and space are a reflection of consciousness. You dont wanna travel in time and space but in consciousness

All consciousness is projected out as creation and what we see is  a reflection of that projection...

I knew a girl once who painted her whole body the colors of the rainbow.


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