Houdy Folks,

 I'am George,had alot of nic names aka,wildman,doc,rain,rainhorse,hey you crazy.etc.They change with age I suppose. I'am 51 still a kid at heart not big on the ego thing, fairly quiet and try to be kind to all I meet.Sometimes this puts me at odds with some people who see it as a weakness,but I'am usually able to hold my own and chill things haveing worked in a high control unit in a mental hosp.

These days I help survey land running the "gun" transit.its a job I love, getting payed to hike around all day checking out everything.Yea it can be hard at times and alittle dangerous,a guy I'am working with got a pretty bad cut today,but that goes with being out and its good for ya haha,as long as you don't bleed to death.   My life takes alot of turns,worked for the state 13 years and been surveying almost 8 and I see another path or tipping point ahead.I've got two boys one 23 and the other 9 been divorced about 7 years,here over the past few years the boys stay with there mom and I've been alone in a fairly large A-frame that I love alot but its looking like I'am going to have to make some changes.I love to grow pot and was growing for myself and younger son who has morphia.I was wanting to try hash oil rubbed on his effected airea.But,,I got busted someone ratted me out, so now things are in limbo with the house and all.Looks like I'am being forced to change,I should have moved to California years ago but,,I was careing for the younger son at that time while the ex was finding herself.So the plan these days is to try and get through this mess hopefuly keeping the house,renting it out and moveing to Cali. in the next few years and grow baby grow.haha i'am pretty good at it :) that and other things also. Kinda funny,,I knew alot of this stuff years ago and it seems to be unfolding pretty much like I visioned,I knew that I would one day come home but things had to "play out" can't make it happen it just does. Why am I here?? I'am supposed to be here.haha And supposedly this it to be understood by those who are supposed to understand.Kinda funky isn't it?

 Anyway this is one of the first moves to my comeing home,it will still take some time and hardships,,but,,in the end its gunna be grate.

 For now I'am liveing without power and have been sence May due to lack of work,and now to save for lawer fees and such.Its been kinda cool I've learned to live fairly well without,I rigged a solar shower,have oil lamps and keep stuff in a big cooler.But if any Family need a place to crash in western N.C. I've got plenty of room just no power yet.Peace and love to you all,,George

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Hi George, I lived off the grid for over two months. It's OK actually. Oil lamps, we played cards next to the wood stove. Cooked over the fire. It really wasn't bad at all. I learned to go to bed with the chickens and wake up with the roosters. That was great. I never felt better. I'm in NC... piedmont section. You're right about no worry... worry doesn't change much of anything. I'm glad you're here.

Kind Regards, Deborah....
Hey CP,
Haha,,yea,got chickens too,had alittle peep that the mom shunned,guess he hatched to late,I found it crying in a mud puddle.I tryed to hand feed it for 3 days and got attached to the little guy but it didn't make it.I think I fed it too much.Did well the 2nd day fallowing me around like its mom,hopefuly I'll do better next time.Yea,I've got to do things on Gods time these days,mostly showering,got a good rain last night so I've got my rain barrels full,no carrying water for a few days,,"O" boy :) Talk with ya later,,Love and Peace,George
Yeap, we had chickens. I'm sorry to hear about the little fella. I agree about God's time. we've had horses, gardens, and collect rain water too. The filled barrels are a comfort. I've taken a plenty of rainwater bucket baths, including in the winter living off the grid. I learned so much during these times. I guess the most I learned was that there's nothing to be worried about.

Peace and Love from ole CP
Yea,I try and not worry,sometimes it just creeps in.But I've been through alot over the past 10 years and I'am hopeing that things will level out after a few more.I see your from Lexigton,,Love the BBQ there,and theres a good place outside of Moxville called Hendrix BBQ,good stuff
Whoops that is if you still eat pork..haha
I don't really have an appetite for meat. I have some friends who have taken meat off their diet totally. Yeah, I have some land here. I couldn't sell it. I stopped trying and then I found I needed a place to stay so I came here to stay for awhile.

I've heard of Hendrix bbq though. Are you from NC?
Yea,I'am in western N.C. west of hickory. Had some people in thomasville and I would stop at Hendrix or Lexington all the time.Don't eat much meat these days,but loved that place back then.
Meat isn't like it used to be. Now it makes me feel bad to eat it. Too much chemicals, unnatural diet for them, you're getting all those synthetic hormones etc. and raised in nasty conditions oftentimes. ...

I went to the store to buy food and what I mean by food, plain ordinary food... not eating stuff..... you could fill a tiny market with what was fit to eat from the average large grocery store these days. Have you ever been to Conrad and Hinkle's on the square in Lexington? About that size.

And about the getting level and whatever, like stress and such; we just have to train minds or remind ourself to stay in the present. It's so easy to allow the mind to preoccupy with thoughts of the past and concerns for the future that we lose the peace of now. I find myself lost in thought but it's not the healthiest way for me to spend my time. I'm bout ready to look for a small group of people to share resources and responsibilities. You hear so much bs about attempts at this though. Like a whole nation of people has gone nuts or something.

I like your walking stick. Mine is from a tree in Alaska. Got if from my son in law. I started walking with my stick years ago. And I walked alot. And now I'm seeing more and more people getting nice looking walking sticks. We would drive to a small town and walk main street with our sticks. It starts up many conversations. While in Carolina beach a fella had this nice stick and similar to the way pet owners carry on,... :0) we carried on about one another's walking stick. So it's a good way to know who's who out there. Anyone who walks with a walking stick are probably very interesting people. And if not, you will be once you walk long enough with the same stick. It changed my outlook on life.

Kind Regards, Deborah
Thanks,I made it several years ago out of sour wood its got some cool golden looking licken or moss on it.I also added a silver crown with a natural black star sapphire on top with the feathers set in dear horn.I like to watch the feathers fly on the string.Its kinda cool the way they are weighted with the horn they fly level.I hold out the stick and fly them over the path I'am walking with a prayer left to right. Yea,,kinda funny about the pet owner thing is cool .I've cut way back on the meat too,eat mostly wild salmon,alittle chicken,salids,veges and such.still get a craveing for BLT sandwich though, still love bacon.Haven't ever been to Conrad or Hinkle's.Haven't been down that way in years. thanks for talking with me,,peace,George
it has been many days since your story and I hope those days have taken you down a good path. i have family that lives at the east end of TN close to NC and your part of this planet is beautiful ... as I hope you live comes to be also. peace and love, pj
Hey PJ,,Yea its been awhile,I haven't had internet at home for some time,,but for now I do :) So I'll try to get things up dated..Things have been going pretty well,,did get layed off,,but I'am trying to stay positive that we will be able to spange,and I've got some yard sell stuff,enough to keep things going.This phamily grew by one a cupple weeks ago we're now at 13 and have room for more :) so we're allways looking.Lots of love to ya sister,,,George
  read info that you shared.  definately very uncool.  have smoked more than my share.  grew some but was too fearful of the narc people out there. i obviously do not know nc. laws.  do have criminal law knowledge by researching at my county law library over the years.  is ca. your definate goal and destination?  when you have time read my profile info.  would be interested of input concept of intentional community.  what town are you near in western nc. sounds like you need use of a generator.  if you feel inclined , update me on where your overall situation stands at.  would have to think on what and if i could do to help alleveate youre present life situation.  please reply when you can.    shepherdboy..


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