I did dead tour from 89 on......I miss being around family.....I married a sweet sister in 90,I started dating her on her 18th birthday during the shows at the LA Forum in December 1989 I was 21 at the time......I have four children with her Jonathan 19 Valerie 12 Katherine 9 and Benjamin 3......Melissa my ex wife just took off to a dentist appointment in Feb. 09 and never came home......Turns out she ran to Florida to hook up with someone she dated when she was 17...........I am heartbroken over all this and trying to work myself through it......I am grateful to have my children with me here in Maine.......I got myself in trouble last August....http://www.myfoxmaine.com/news/Police-Find-Marijuana-Grow-Operation... did get a good deal and just have to keep out of trouble for the next 350 days pay a fine take parenting classes and spend 5 days in a camp working for free for the man.....not bad for being caught with 147 plants........I am seriously thinking of going to the nationals in Washington state as I just need a break from Babylon...I have to be honest I want to start over and hopefully meet another soul mate.I keep bees and love what I do but I just do not have my heart in things like I used to...I have to make myself do what I need to to care for my children....I miss giving people floorspace and rides at the shows and meeting like minded individuals...I am mainly here to meet new friends and have new experiences as I have lurked around here and feel much better just reading all of your posts :)


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Shock and depression can surely be expected with so sudden a life change; and 4 children to rear alone. So glad you have felt the spirit here; may the healing continue! Welcome Home, Brother!

We love you
Thank You little wing.....We are doing just fine.....I have plenty of fire wood and my children and I will persevere.I will not say life is easy but my friends and neighbors are on my side....I received phone calls of support the day after the incident with the police.The baptist Sunday school teacher that sees my kids every week called me the next day to let me know that she was still my friend.....I live in a great town if I was still in the Ozarks I would have been hung out to dry......I am just lonely and have been in low spirits the last year and a half.....My oldest is 19 and out of the house so I have 3 kids at home.....They are great and I am thankful that they are here with me....I just have to serve my time as I can not make someone love me that does not no matter how painful. I never thought I would end up in this situation but we must take the cards we are dealt........I hope to learn more about the gatherings as my ex has been to one in Key West before I met her but I have never been.I took my oldest on dead tour and it was a good experience for him.I believe traveling and meeting new people would be great for my younger children....


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