This is what I know. At least 60 rounds were fired. 1 Dead, 1 wounded. Anyone know anything about this?

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Of what?

The Forest Service has disbanded the A-cola gathering.  I googled it and came up with a Tallahassee news article.  The computer I'm using doesn't seem to cut and paste so I can't share the link.  A-cola is a permitted gathering; the FS revoked the permit.  There's another sad first for the Rainbow Family.   We've been thrown off the land.  And sadly, for good reason.  I guess some could have gone outside the huge area the FS has staked out as a crime scene and regrouped a seed camp.  If so, I'm thinkin' they really want to lay low about it; and anything they try to get together is going to be unpermitted.  I'm doubting social networks can help them at this point.  The article calls the crime scene the areas of Wright Lake, Hickory Landing, and Moore Lake.  The newspaper is the Tallahasse Democrat; I'm reading their Friday update.  They gave Family 36 hours to leave on Friday.

I was there. My geeting was the purest welcome home by a young brother I've ever encountered. It was smiley. Tragic. Brother killing brother. I believe it was a shit show. I administered CPR n first aid. Dice has a free pass? Only met him through reputation of violence and i kept his brothers from dragging him during the event. Young family don't realize there r codes of conduct. Ohm violence out of the woods. Keep Alcohol out of the woods. I pay my natty every time I enter and exit the gate. We are all shantesina or peacekeepes. Ohm the violence out of the gathering. We come together to heal. We all need that, as does this earth. I was in Ocala and it started similarly until authorities rounded up the violent. We turned the gathering into a wonderful event. Appalachia never stood a chance. The shooter was in fear for his life. He and his dog spent a peaceful time at our fire before he went to his trailer. Violence was met with violence. I'll b in Alabama and Bear Necessities wants to heal without alcohol. Bless u all. Happy
Thank you Joe.
I still find it hard to believe such a thing could happen at such a place. Wow, and what a place. Why dont we stay here until we sooth our soul?

Rainbow Spirit - From the Heart of the Fire:
Missed Alabama. Enjoyed east Texas. Lots of alcohol and punching in the face at main gate. Lots of conversations on life without violence. We were respected with our no alcohol in the tee pee code of conduct. Lots of beautiful music. Great sauna in the woods. I was and am blessed to learn and teach in this beautiful family. We feed you and u feed us.Yogart and fresh fruit in the woods mutha I love this crazy family and all our idiosyncrasies. Ohm the violence out of the woods. Peace, as ever, Happy
One more star, sinks in the past.
I just now saw this. @ a loss for words. We as family nd 2 heal eachother more than ever. Lastime I was in ocala was abt '95. Bak then it was still held on th praries. Done abt 5 ocala's startin abt '86. Nevr been 2 acola. Dropped a kid off @ taladega once. Only @ th nearest convenience store. Bak then & before, there wasn't as much violence. But I could see then a potential brewin. I actually left a bike trailer for a abt a week @ frnt gate bak in abt '89, ocala. It wasn't th least bit touched. Would one say population density is just one factor? & i do believe there's an acute lack of basic rainbow education. For young & old. & I do believe some of these probs stem from boredom. Nuthin like rainbo chores or long walks for those w/ ability, that is.


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