This is what I know. At least 60 rounds were fired. 1 Dead, 1 wounded. Anyone know anything about this?

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Do you have a picture?

As someone who has walked the Red Road (Native Traditions) for many years, I can say with certainty that in Indian culture, a Warrior is anyone who puts themselves between family and danger. Smiley is and was that in spades. Selfless. Brave. Willing to (and did) make the ultimate sacrifice to keep a brother from more harm. I honor you, Smiley and will keep you in my prayers.

Mitakuye Oyasin        (We are all related)

Found my daughter thanks, she called tonite very sad to have lost her friend.
Thanks for your help
Awesome!I love it when the network succeeds.
Hey guys a friend of mine was at the gathering in Apalachicola Thursday night and I saw of the incident and her mother and friends are worried we can not reach her by phone or fb. if any of you know where she is please have her contact her mother her name is Kristina sabre koonce
Please someone let me know if you all have seen this young woman and if she is ok her mom and friends are worried sick
These are troubled times. People want to reach out to their loved ones. Love to all you kids Down in Fla. You have been through an ordeal. Please, I know many of you have turned to us from broken homes. Times like these call for a truce. Make peace with your Families. Call home. Even if it doesn't go well. At least you have tried. There are precious few second chances in life.
My daughter was there and was able to contact me Sunday, I also was worried sick both for Jens safety and for all of you at the gathering, please young or old call family and let them know you are alright.
Very scary news about this horrible attack and very unclear from news sources what happened so please call someone you love and let them know you are OK
Glad that worked out for you Rand. I blasted my call home message to circles and extended circles yesterday. I no longer operate a fb page for G&P Kitchen which had nearly 2000 subscribers, but I believe the message was liked and shared by enough ppl that it probably has gone out to reach more than that. Call home kids. Your Families care about you more than you have yourselves convinced of.

This is so sad. I'm just now getting the details

It's been a rough wknd. Family seems to be containing info amongst those who eyewitnessed the incident. All others have been asked to keep it quiet. There is an investigation pending. I'm sure more info will be made available as the investigators get closer to closing the case, and all relevant family members have been notified. I am leaving this discussion open not to discuss details Family and law enforcement have asked to keep quiet, but to provide a public bulletin board for kids to find and console one another. I am especially interested in the state of the A-cola gathering. Have they started on their seedcamp? Did they cancel? If someone could direct Forkman to this discussion maybe we could all get answers on that. Greg and I go back a short bit, so I don't think he would mind.


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