This is what I know. At least 60 rounds were fired. 1 Dead, 1 wounded. Anyone know anything about this?

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Thanks for the info, Tok.  So sad; and I'm so angry at the gun culture that has overcome the country, spilling down to our gatherings.   This appears to be the proverbial lone crazed gunman.  But there are a lot of people who bring guns to gatherings.  There are a lot of people who live in readiness for Mad Max days to come; that is a prevailing belief in this country.   So brave, peaceful Rainbows bleed and die trying to stop gun-insane madness.   Oh, damn.  I'm worried  to hear who died; who's in critical condition; who's hurt.

Hugs, lw

Jacob Cardwell aka Smiley, threw himself on top of Dice to protect him from further gunfire. This brave and selfless act of sacrifice likely saved Dice's life. His Mother posted this morning a plea for help. Here is a link if anyone would like to donate to help return this fallen hero home.
I know that Dice was the one shot several times. It has been reported that if he recovers he will be quadriplegic, paralized from neck down. I haven't heard any word on the others identities. Thank you Little-wing for the video update.

The Dead video was from Donna Louise; isn't she a cool Sister!  And so good to see you here, old friend.  Thank you for bringing us this bad news; you know we needed to know.  OCALA and ACOLA have had their (our) problems, but no one asked for this.  Could you post this discussion on the Forum where more people will see it?  I think it can be done with cut and paste.

Zen tells me there was a fight at front gate.  Someone's phone was thrown in the fire.  He went ballistic and started firing a gun wildly.   Those who took him down knifed him numerous times.   The perpetrator is in critical condition; others seriously hurt; one dead.  I'm not sure of names.  Imo, healing our gatherings for those who come for peaceful comeraderie requires running front gate A Camp free.  This was an alcohol inspired event.

National news coverage alerted me, looking for my daughter Jennifer, believe she was on site and I know it is a crime scene and camp broken up. Think she was with one of the kitchens, I am in Ct, really hoping anyone knows jen have her call me or email me please
I am not personally in Fla. though I have many close friends down there. Do yo know which kitchen she was with? I willtry to relay the message.
Still no word from Jen, In Ocala she was in a vegetarian kitchen, maybe "Roots and stalks" Not sure if she was in same kitchen in Tallahassee.
Not on Facebook or Twitter, really could use help getting word to her
PS Mill was wrong, so sad we will never leave the cave. Heart aches for you all.

This is so sad :(

Didn't know him well; but he stood out with his smiling love; and understood that Love is Warrior.   The love to drop what you think you need to do to help someone, which Smiley did all the time; to seeing someone else's life as equal to your own.  He certainly was/is a Warrior; and tho we are the 'warriors of the rainbow', few people really have that in them.  Just want to share this from his mom's gofundme site:

Evidently, there was a tire thrown in that fire before the cellphone, I hear.


Hoping someone at the site in Florida can reach Jen (Jenny) (Jennifer) and please ask her to call Dad , very sad for you all but desperate to hear from her


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