Upon reading the discussion thread started by Catherine here




I was moved to contribute to the discussion in my own way.




In conclusion of my post I indicated a desire to create a separate discussion thread focused on a more formal set of guidelines based on the observation that a community can not exist with out boundaries. Being a
Libertarian at heart, I am no friend of limitations or structure per se, yet if
individuals are to come together and live in a close knit community some form
of consensus or generally accepted rights and responsibilities of the members
must be adopted and adhered to. With out some form of guiding structure anarchy
and chaos ensues, which left unchecked would ultimately lead to the dissolution
of the community.


If undertaken by myself I would consider creating a document to “ground” or “guide” a conscious community difficult. There are many things to consider. Yet I am not proposing that we reinvent the wheel. There are
several within the Rainbow community that have been here before and know what
it takes. There are also documents from which inspiration and guidance can be


I am interested in creating a set of guidelines that will be easily adhered to. By utilizing or remembering the K.I.S.S. method, the principles and guidelines will be easily understood and followed. The creation
of such a document might not be so simple but the results need to be. Clear
definitions and concise wording will go a long way in helping others achieve
gnosis or ‘grok’ the meaning. Said document must be robust enough to consider
contingencies and variables as well as being simple enough to tailor to ones on
needs. “Roger’s rules of Order” covers the format of a general meeting and can
be used within that context. What we are concerned with here is the Rights and
Responsibilities of community members with regards to that community.



I am not a specialist or lawyer. I do have my opinions, thoughts and feelings about a number of things, but it would be difficult to list them out of the blue. Without external input I would find it difficult to
articulate my position. (Without darkness light would have no value or vice
versa.) This being the case, I envision the process, and the outcome of this
charter to be open source.
I am asking for Ideas, Thoughts, Feelings, Intuitions, Links, Articles, Rules,
Guidelines, Suggestions, and Critiques, or any other information that might
prove useful in the creation of such a charter.


Disclaimer: I am not a member of a conscious community now. I open to joining or participating in such a community in the future and believe that this process will be valuable in the creation of such a community.


To recap:

Close knit communities need structure to continue. There is a lack of Uniform guidelines pertaining to the Rights and Responsibilities pertaining to the members of conscious communities. I hope that this thread can
assist in the creation of a set of guidelines that outline these Rights and
Responsibilities of the members of a Conscious Community. These guidelines need
to be robust and simple. They do not need to cover the actual procedures of the
group. They need to be open source contributions of many and editable to suit
the particular needs of each community.


I believe the place to start would be the definition of a “conscious community” and the purpose or creating such a community. Since the “purpose” of this discussion is already established. Close knit communities
need structure. We must consider the definitions of conscious and community.
Although this maybe elementary, a concise understanding will help avoid
difficulties in the future.


Dictionary.com defines:





1. aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.


And defines:




–noun, plural -ties.

1. a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.


So what we have is a community that is aware of itself AS a community. Thus it is up to each individual with in the community to be aware of and conscious of the community.


This is where I will stop for now. I have searched for a particular website that I ran across years ago to no avail. I was using a different computer then and for some reason can not find it now. I thought it
would help in this process. I realize this process may take some time so please
check back periodically and contribute.



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Greetings Relatives. We have guidelines for the the Rainbow Family Gatherings. It is in the All Ways Free Guide. In case some are not aware it exists. I have thought to type it up on here. Have not the time at this point..Rainbows above, we are a Conscious Community..Ohm

I agree that Rainbow is a Conscious Community. Thank you for the info on the "All Ways Free Guide" I will look for it. There is a Thread here "Passing the Torch" that has 'mini manuals' posted. I was thinking of using this as a reference and starting point. I was concerned here with a long term Conscious Community cohabitation environment. Along the lines of Black Bear Ranch or Silverlilys Heartsong. Thank you for your input :)



The intentional communities site also has guides and help for people you want to form a self sustainting community. 

Here are some direct thoughts to consider although, in the inimitable words of Whyt Mountain Bear, "There's nothing like arriving late for the party"-

The first thing to remember is that a Gathering is a temporary physical community, and can get by running on a form of anarchy because there are responsible folks overseeing it who will clean up afterward. A permanent community, on the other hand, is a permanent community and must live by different standards to be successful.

Notice below that I would like to offer a  definition of community that I believe to be more appropriate for the consciousness of the new age.

Despite our penchant for being unorganized and "free", a successful community must be unorganized in an organized manner. Unorganized does not have to  mean disorganized or anarchical. That does not mean we require an hierarchy to run things- the new communities wil be run by consensus. Still, they must be run, and commonly accepted rules must be abided by. Remember that the indigenous cultures we admire all had their accepted leaders (we would call them facilitators) who were accepted as long as they were honorable.

As a community grows, a level of hierarchy must be introduced for the sake of efficiency, however that does not mean removing responsibility and decision-making from the hands of all concerned. It means that at some point, the larger group must by consensus select trusted members to make day-to-day decisions. Councils, as it were, with distributed responsibilities. At the same time it is important to always allow input from the whole community upon request- perhaps at scheduled community gatherings.

In a successful community we'll let go of each being responsible for themselves and recognize that we must be all of us responsible for all of us. That is the true meaning of community and in the coming world we will recognize that.

New members:
The successful community will not be accepting of just anyone who comes along, there must be a period of becoming acquainted and some form of consensus agreement. We've already seen how random open acceptance of any who come along can cause problems in the community at our own gatherings. In the current real world random acceptance just cannot be done on a permanent basis. Before being accepted into a community one must be a known factor- wild cards are dangerous to the well being of all concerned since they can be loose cannons, or worse, plants and shills.

Taking a page from indigenous cultures, banishment must be a valid and serious consideration for dealing with seriously disruptive individuals. Like it or not, the community as a whole must come first, and again consensus decision making comes into play.

It is a great  pleasure to see intentional communities forming as the need for them appears on the horizon. Keep up the good work my friends. Thank you for being there.

May Peace and Love be among us.

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