Greetings from Northern Ontario! Need help with new eco-village

 I just joined this forum because there seem to be so many like-minded people here. I am working on starting up an eco-village in Northern Ontario. This is not just an idea but a real project as I have over 300 acres of land and some buildings too. All I need now are some people who are up to the challenge of leaving this sick, corrupt, polluted society (Babylon) behind to help me with this project. The air is still fresh and clean in Northern Ontario and the soil is good. The township is unorganized so there are no hassles with building permits or municipal bylaws, as long as no provincial or federal laws are broken. 

 The focus of this community would be on sustainable, self-sufficient, off the grid living, organic farming, gardening and permaculture. I would like to eventually replace diesel power with draft animals.

 Advice would be great but help would be even better. If you are still trapped in the city and need a place to escape to or are already in the country and would be interested in a new experience, I would like to hear from you. It does not matter if you are experienced in farming, gardening or communal living or a beginner. Life is all about learning and we all need to start somewhere. Let's start a tribe and we can all work together for a common goal.




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P.S. You can contact me here or send an e-mail to

I had so many problems with the address that I decided to use gmail instead. Sorry to anyone who rote and did not get a reply. The new address is

 To those of you who may be interested in this project, here is our latest newsletter. New members are still welcome. Our e-mail address is still


 This is my first attempt to contact all of you together at the same time. This new approach has been discussed and thought about for some time and since the snow is melting and spring is finally on the way, I will have less time to send individual e-mails to all of you in person. I will still try to write as much as possible to each of you that I have met on line as well as in person since I have made some great friends from the time I started with this project last year. I have also included some of you who I haven't heard from in a while so if you have lost interest and don't want me to bother you, it is no problem. Just let me know and I will remove you from this mailing list. You may also see another format being used in my communications to you in the near future.
 The first change you will notice is that this project has been named. Rather than just New Liskeard Eco Community, the farm is now called the Paradise Hills Eco Farm. The meaning of this is, first of all, our common goal, a paradise on planet earth away from the pollution, stress and indifference of the mind-numbing, soul-destroying big cities and a return to a clean and healthy life surrounded by the beauty of nature. There are 5 large hills that surround the farm and add to the natural beauty of the area so the name just came to me, Paradise Hills. I also wanted to avoid the term "community" or "commune" in the name because of the negative image that such groups have with some of the locals. Officially, we are a farm dedicated to organic farming and gardening and the fact that we have chosen to live and work together in a cooperative environment is our business only.
 There is still snow on the ground after this long and harsh winter but it has already started to melt and it should not be long before the roads and driveways are clear and then we can proceed with our many exiting plans for the spring.
 Some of the first and most important projects will be to build some basic facilities such as an improved composting outhouse, a summer kitchen and a sauna. Another equipment shed is also needed to house the combine as well as a chicken coop and possibly a barn. Some guest trailers may also be needed. 
 After it warms up and the ground dries, we will go ahead with planting organic vegetables and grains. Both me and Jacques have obtained 100 lbs each of Red Fife wheat, a rare heirloom variety which was commonly grown in Canada in the 1800s and has been replaced by other altered varieties which are totally lacking in nutritional value. We should have enough for 2 acres which should give us 2 tons of wheat for lots of good, fresh, home-made bread as well as for sale to bakeries. Rye, oats and buckwheat (for the gluten-free folks) are also planned. Raising chickens and possibly other animals is another project that we are planning. We have many challenges and a lot of work ahead of us but I believe that together, we can achieve our goals of self-sufficiency and freedom and be able to live in harmony with nature.
 In closing, I would like to thank all of you who have given your support and submitted ideas over the winter with your e-mails, calls and meetings in person. We are now getting closer to achieving some of our goals and turning these projects and dreams into reality. I never thought that I would meet such great people who share the same ideas and vision for the future and words can not express my deep gratitude to all of you.
Hello there just curious if you're still looking for folks to help and be apart of this. I'd love nothing more to donate my time and work it sounds like the perfect situation for me. So please lemme know if and when you would need workers. Thanks much Brooke

 Yes, we are still looking for people to help out and join our community. I will send you an e-mail.

 Our eco-village project is coming along quite well and we are still looking for new members. Wheat and oats have already been planted and we have a garden full of delicious organic vegetables. We now have chickens as well. If anyone here wants to get out of Babylon and return to a healthy life in a clean, non-polluted environment, you can e-mail me at:

where in northern ontario are you located?

We are in the New Liskeard area.

N.L.Baron,  I wrote to that gmail address and it wouldn't go out.  my email address is,  If you would communicate with me I can probably reply !  Thank You !

The correct email address is so it should work. I no longer use the address.

I sent you an e-mail.

Message me!


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