Hello all, I am posting here with hope that I may find some individuals with similar goals as myself to organize and develop an intentional community with somewhere on the globe. This location would be determined by all of those involved after we lay out goals. 

Some of the main things that I am interested in doing: building structures using cob and other natural building methods; investing in and exploring renewable energy (photovoltaics and possibly constructing wind generators); producing most or all of my diet on the land around using methods of permaculture either as a food forest or in [a] greenhouse(s) as well as eggs from chickens; building a cob structure that can be used as a learning center of sorts. 

I am very away of and interested in the changes occurring in our species right now. Our technological understanding and ability has brought us to begin recognizing more of our potential and science has brought the thought that behavior and values, corruption, things like bigotry, greed, and the profitability of differential advantage and war are determined by our exposure to conditions of the environment we experience through the sensors in our bodies. These things are not inherent to humans. I intend to contribute to social change and the eventual arrival at a Natural Law Resource Based Economy. This is a socioeconomic alternative to the market system and the social structures it creates. If you'd like to know more about this, this is the best explanation I have found so far:

Peter Joseph - Introduction to a Resource Based Economy

If you're interested in this, you may also want to watch Zeitgeist The Movie, especially the part about the federal reserve. 

Zeitgeist - The Movie (full)

Zeitgeist - The Movie (Federal Reserve)

There are more things of course that I would hope to broaden exposure to like unconditional basic income and technological unemployment and the third industrial revolution and why education, of a certain kind - that does not mandate itself but offers opportunity, for free for all, to as accessible and high quality resources to learn about the workings of nature and the change that is going to have to occur in the way that we manage our species - seems to be the key to the movement towards a better socioeconomic system. I'd be glad to discuss this more or share other content with anyone if you want feel free to ask but I'm getting a bit off topic this is just a big focus I have I would like to create a physical location that anyone can come to that will allow them to educate themself as best as possible, through many things but including such resources that already exist like computers that can access khan academy or academic earth. Or even just YouTube. I have been creating a website already that attempts to act as a hub of these kinds of information. 

Anyways.. to continue the intentions I have, some other things I would be looking for: mountains; woods, a lot of woods; basically just wonderful wilderness; either a climate that would support a food forest with tropical plants or if colder, then probably somewhere like Netherlands or Denmark. But of course these things would be dependent on the working of all people involved. 

So I may be forgetting things I would be surprised if not, there are so many, feel free to ask or suggest any other things I should describe my considerations for, that would be important for any potentially interested individual. I just realized one which is money. I had some idea which was just that all people involved contribute as much as they can and also some of the funding would be crowd sourced. I know some people would likely be against it but this project is I think very important and if people have money they'd like to contribute to a project, I'd be glad to try and create an environment on the property such money could afford me that would contribute positively to the community living there and the surrounding areas and anything that can be contributed to the planet and our global presence. 
Of course these things could be determined conclusively by all those involved at a later time. 

I hope that some people may be interested in working together. 
To anyone interested in the future I highly recommend looking into The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. 

Thanks for reading, 
Good fortune

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