A sense that something big is coming and its going to change the world. 

I feel our time has come brothers and sisters of the earth.

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i feel things are ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER~~~~~~~~~~~~!   & they better or i'm lifting off this planet soon- 

Honestly, I feel like that too... It's such a weird feeling... Our time on Earth is short now. Make the best of it, my Brothers and Sisters. <3 Love to you all.

..i think - we as Humans and most Life on the Earth have until about 2020 before the planet can no longer support an un-responsible over-population- we just hit 8 billion a month ago- scientists speculate the Earth  and her resources can only support 10 billion before the *(snake eating its own tail* analogy catches up with us- 

2012 will bring coastal flooding-from the Pole Shifts- we will lose many Folks to severe storms/weather/war

things are getting tight- condensed - the cream will come to a head...

my philosophy- (and yes everyone dis-likes me for it) i know..i know....~! 


YES- i know it's inherent on our very DNA to pro-create- but come on- our ancestors pro-created to the point of no return- (the situation is at hand) time to step outside of our personal ego and inside of the Collective Conscience...


Things are getting scarier out there; I feel sorry for the ppl living in the cities.Something's gotta give soon.I'm waiting for the other boot to drop.
Yes, I feel it, I have been having that feeling around 2 years and it is getting stronger. Thus the reason I plan on spending the summer and maybe even spring camping and planting a large garden. Maybe up in Montana by the Canadian border.

If you like that feeling then you have to do all you can to perpetuate it. You, me, everyone, we have to change things. I'm doing all I can, and I hope people realize that they have more power than they realize.


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