why the hell are ppl so like anti dirty kid? we're doing right 100% not supporting the gov or anything in anyway and doing as we please. at nationals there was a bit of a separation  and some ppl looking down on others... I'm not totally ok with that. dirty kids make something out of nothing, theres no real funding anywhere so why are ppl raising concerns bout dirty kids? babylon isnt what it used to be, its alot  more harsh which breeds a more rugged type of rainbow that deals with the nasty side of babylon regularly and still smile 24/7 and keep livin their life. just cuz we're dirty and talk shit doesnt mean we arent rainbow, we love each other and everyone else all the same and cook some bomb ass food (that isnt laced with valerian root thank you nerf)  

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Same as Crusty Kids?? Agree people have trouble with the shit talk; I'm Old School, and an older mamma; grew up with peace/love talk. But talk is talk; and I love people who have the passion to take strong action as needed. Crusty Kids tend to be that type. You also do a lot of work, give a lot of love to Family. As a group, you need some parenting. My ole man, Zen Coyote, is well known and loved in Crusty Kid circles, especially at Ocala Winter Gathering. He has refereed, fixed boo-boos, gone to bat for you. I'm a granola eating veghead, Jerry dancing space cookie; but also appreciate who you are. I love you all; and will be there for you too, though I may not look the "type". I do travelling first aid in your camp; and will hug and care for you in CALM like anyone else. I know you have had less than kind experiences in CALM. I work to change that.

I also love my alcoholic brothers and sisters. I appreciate all the hard work they do before and during Gatherings, paving the way for the rest of us. I don't party the same way; so don't visit A Camp at nite. But like you, and like Chaos Camp, you all get a bad rap for rowdiness. So maybe I'm not into the same kinda rowdy; I still love and serve all Family.

I know you, and these other camps, have gotten less than kindness all the time; I hear some stories. (Nerf giving you valerian laced food is just prankster funny, though! Gotta admit I liked that one.) Don't give up building bridges of understanding and love, support. Rainbow is for you too, of course. I support you in your camp; and support you all in the older camps when I hear any of these camps put down. On your part, as new kids come into Rainbow, teach them to love you and each other; to be fair. Help them learn what Rainbow is about as you feed 'em hearty. Learn to parent yourselves; that's what we all end up doing, anyway. Your troubles with the older Rainbows will dissolve.

I love you. lw
lovin you as well lw. the valerian however made a few people and dogs who were allergic to it very ill. thank u for being cool
Way back when i used to be a crusty kid had a bus that we went to all the gatherings in, i just ignored everyone and tried to help out where i was needed ya there was some fighting and agro expecially in ocala one year they split the whole rainbow gatheringup one went to farels prarie and one went to i can't remember but i do remember there was a lot of fighting that year, but the nextday everyone woke up and loved each other till that night, i just don't drink liquor anymore just beer LOL, ya i will say it was one for the books.


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