where you can go and not be considered different for being a different race? Seriously. I live in one of the most racist towns in this country where the race riots were held in the early 2000's. It's a shithole called Cincinnati, full of ignorant people, rich stuck up suburban kids who do nothing but drugs, and dope fiends and prostitutes all around the inner city.

I'm asian. I'm really pretty, I know that there is an asian fetish that usually go around but honestly, guys who don't even have that still find me attractive. I have a funny personality and I have a lot of talents. My self esteem should be perfect.

But all my life I've been pointed out as different because of what color I am. I don't care if you are fucking joking. I am tired of hearing any form of racist remark about asians, blacks, hispanics, jews--we're all fucking people. If people are ignorant enough to see that, then that's on them. I also hate reverse racism. I'm not gonna name the ethnic group who usually uses it the most, but it makes me sicker than watching white supremicism. If you think that everyone's out to get you and that everyone hates you because of what race you are, then you're just stupid. No one hates you because they're racist. They hate you because you're ignorant.

I'm not saying what they say. I'm not dumb enough to call someone racist just because they dont like me. Plenty of people like me regardless of what race I am. But I'm just tired of how often people point it out here.

Is there anywhere in the US that doesn't have this problem? I'm tired of being stared out like I'm some alien. It's not like I'm the only asian in the US.

But in fact, is there even a COUNTRY that isn't racist? I'm so tired of racist people. I don't care if they say they're kidding. They're really not...

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You won't find ANYWHERE this side of heaven where there isn't racism. God looks on the heart, but man looks on the outside. I agree with you, these people are ignorant. It may be human nature, but we have to fight this all the time. The only thing I can suggest is to be nice and polite to the people who see your race; maybe they'll see your heart first after a while.

Hey Helen,
First thing is to not give the losers any power over your spirit. Do not let them enhance their standing by demeaning yours. Remain happy, beautiful and prosperous. Maybe there will be an occasion that your kindness and generosity will light them in a way that will cause an inner healing. Chances are you will note those rare moments and find yourself healing as well.

In America we have race consciousness promoted by the media and the school system. Even though the race consciousness being promoted is designed to make white people feel bad about what other white people did in history what this race consciousness being promoted actually does is it makes everyone neurotic about race and notice it constantly and inspires people to make lame jokes about race like those Asian jokes you hear people make.

Asia can be pretty racist too though. I have a friend who lives in China and he is a white guy and he tells me that Chinese people will stop and point at him as he is walking down the street. he gets really annoyed by that.

 I'm not sure if there is an answer to this racism situation, I think its one of those situations where the more people try to help the situation the worse the situation gets to be honest.

what if i were racist but thought you were kool i mean i would think you were pretty i mean you should dred your hair or put sticks in it something kool but i mean i always think racist's were neet  color  if your evil it mite be color

...glad you are speaking your peace, Helen- that helps wake folks up- it's not easy being Human, for sure- but it gets easier when folks treat each other with equality and respect-   

When it comes to race and racism, the human race is the worst.

I agree. Race is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT- why is the color of ones skin so special when we also have different colored eyes, hair, etc? The answer is, it's not! Imagine if everyone with dark brown hair was one race while blonde hair was another... Ridiculous. The idea that there are different "races" is untrue, although there are "nationalities", albeit these are just another imaginary division based on geography. Ask yourself, are brown Labradors a different race than yellow Labradors? No! Everyone has different features, and these are passed down through families sure, but the truth is we all have the same DNA, it's just a matter of how it is arranged and what is "turned on or off"

I dig what you are saying helen, but race is not the only divider between folks., Try ageism! As I get older I find fewer and fewer connections even though I'm still 39 inside and somewhat older outside. Put a number on someone and you drop them into a neat category automatically. Such is life.  Mick

People are strange. Honestly, I really don't care very much about the opinion of racists. I'm married to an Asian guy and the only people mad about it are KKK types because I'm a blonde and a "race traitor." However, Once they find out that I'm part Native American, Indian (from India), and (possibly) black they stop caring because I'm just a mutt to them. A Swedish blonde mutt, but a mutt all the same.

There is a long story I have involving a white supremacist citizens militia compound, lol. I don't know how i get myself into these situations! Anyway, I wanted to live amongst them so that I could write a book about their culture because I find them fascinating. However, we weren't allowed to stay because My husband isn't white and I wasn't considered white enough to stay there because of my mixed racial background. They were still really nice to us despite the racial rejection though. People are weird. I stopped taking it personally a long time ago. People will use all kinds of labels in order to dehumanize their brothers and sisters. We're all just human beings.


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