Anybody have any spectacular home remedies for the chicken pox? How on earth a healthy 26 year old gets the pox I have no idea---but get em I did. Help! :)


Leslie Lou

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hey little sis try taking an oatmeal bath just get the water good and hot and put about half a box of oatmeal in it and soak for about 20 min it will stop the itch and dry up the pox
Damn yo ! glad you got them now they could harmful to you if you got them in the future ! I remember my mom sent me to a friends house when I was little who had them to get them outa the way ......sucky pox ! good luck LULU ...dont scratch them !
Thanks Papa Roach- I have been soaking in oatmeal, lavender, and apple cider vinegar. I also loaded up on calamine lotion. I hear honey applied directly to them is good also. This is the 3rd time I've gotten them...Twice when I was little and now.

Went to the ER today just to make sure it wasn't something truly bad because I've had them before and you're supposed to not get them again after the first--

Lovin you guys,

Leslie Lou
I'm glad you did go to a medical facility for this one, sis. Chicken HERPES in adults over the age of 12, especially pregnant or with immune deficiencies, can have severe, life threatening reactions.

There are other infections with the same symptoms. One or two of the others may not have been varicella.

Sweet ER doc said my immune system must have been weak when I got them the first time and didn't get an opportunity to build up an immunity...which is why I've been lucky enough to catch them multiple times. Yay me.

That's so funny because I've been sitting in the hot tub everyday- that is until the pox flared up. At first we thought it was hives due to the chemicals in the hot tub....explains why they came on so fast. Now I'm armed and ready. Bring on the hot water. :)

Thanks Wanderlust. You rock.
I'm no doctor, but something smells fishy here. First of all I also had CP 2x, first time me and mt little bro barely got six bumps between us. Next time we both got pounded, him worse than me, but he's younger. so, I understand that, although rare, multiple occurrences can happen. But, you're saying like 3 times. AND the ER doc actually SAID "my immune system must have been weak when I got them the first time," and then you said you have had them multiple times. Meaning your immune system was too weak EACH TIME to build an immunity.

im lil concerned here too..

your imune system musta been really weakened alowing 3 times with no imunity that combined with the severe risks to adults
you might wanna concider being admitted to the hospitol
just so they can mopnttor the risk and treat u as agressively ss possible
but then again theyre treatments would most likely not help u build an imunity so youd still maybre at future risk
but if youir system cant fight it off now ya could be at serius risk now
its a tough call to make
but id really suggest that ya have someone stay with ya just in case things go bad
what are the life threattening complications? what shyould she watch out for?

id at least do all ya can to boost your imunities
ohhh might wanna consult a homeopath
id think that would be the best way to go naturaly while helping timunity
and works very quickly tioo once ya pinpoint the right formula

contact water singing on the rocks if u can
Healed!!! Healed!!! It didn't take as long as I thought it would, but the oatmeal, lavender, and cider recipe worked really well.

I was pretty concerned there for awhile- thank you for all of the positive energy and love.

Let's hope it doesn't happen again. :)

Love you guys!

hmmmm. This is verrrry strange. First of all, you should be taking a daily dose of vit c with bioflavonoids, camu camu, acai... etc. Mona Vie is something to look into if you haven't heard of it. I would try Colloidal Silver when you even think you are infected. This strangles the virus of oxygen. It's really amazing! Also what's very important for you now is beta carotene and Vitamin a for healing and immunity, zinc for absorbsion. As far as herbs go, goldenseal, st. johns wort, ginger, catnip tea enema, and echinacea are helpful. Baths with oatmeal or cornstarch for itching. Fasting helps speed healing. Good luck darlin', hope you get well!
Wensday, wanna move in with me? LOL You're a well spring of information!! Lovin you chicky. xoxo Lou


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