I was reading alt.rainbow today and saw a discussion on THIS site and a brother brought up a good point that this site calls us members . I and no one else for that matter is a member of the rainbow family . The Rainbow family is a Non-Organization . So does anyone think that this site is in anyway jeopardizing the legality's of the rainbow family . I realize this site is called Rainbow family gatherings but that also maybe misconstrued by some .....I just thought this was a valid point and wanted to know the consensus of others here who whould know better than I :)

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I think this open discussion is great as we have a great guy like Bear asking a good question and not nessasarily knowing the answear and Soaring Eagle responding with that ol timer wisdom. Its great. This is a great example of why this site is so great. As far as members is concerned I'm a Family member in a great huge loving family!
...actually the Wiccapedia has Rainbows listed as the largest NON organization...yeah, some are more involved then others. Some 'lead' ie: take the initiative - to orgainize or host or invite. We know that the government under it's Forest Service Incident Command Team is routinly looking for key activists and focalizers to harrase and single out for arrest on all kinds of B.S. in an attempt to make 'somebody' responsible. Our best defence against this is still found in the Second Ammendment: "Congress shall pass NO LAW prohibiting the people from peaceful assembly on public lands" , period.
If I wanted to walk around in fear in this country I'd have become a Republican a long time ago!!!(grin)
I don't carry a card and I never filled any form but I belong here! I am rainbow! This is my family/tribe/crew/ whTever.


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