I was reading alt.rainbow today and saw a discussion on THIS site and a brother brought up a good point that this site calls us members . I and no one else for that matter is a member of the rainbow family . The Rainbow family is a Non-Organization . So does anyone think that this site is in anyway jeopardizing the legality's of the rainbow family . I realize this site is called Rainbow family gatherings but that also maybe misconstrued by some .....I just thought this was a valid point and wanted to know the consensus of others here who whould know better than I :)

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So it seems Logan doesnt feel its an issue ...how about you !
we are members of a vwebsite
the websites a discussion of family
there are tons and tondss of ranibow forums and yahoo groups and the like that are joined as members.. these groups are not the family itself only membership driven websites that contain informnation about family..
no one website claims to be the family so being a member of a website isnt the same as being a member of the family

or at least thats my gyuess as to how it would be legaly interperated..

there are simulat forums that discussd political and government subjects and if tyour a member of one of those then are you officialy a government member?
if someone hasn't pointed out on that list already you have to be a member of SOMETHING SOMEWHERE to post to that list. a.g.r. is a newsgroup comprised of subscribers, some could argue logically both ways as to whether it is truly membership. Calling yourself a rainbow implies some reflection of yourself as part of that group, a member.

These sites (ning, tribe, myspace, facebook) are characterized as "social networking" websites. Societies have members, yes?

I will see if I can change the word members.
I think its in the code.
Good points.
I dont think it jeopardizes anything as I think its clear memebr of this site subscrition and is commonly used on most social networks.
THe only real thing that sticks out is the Badges ....they read "I am a member of rainbow family gatherings"
I really like the badges Idea but I was concerned about the Member aspect ....I really am lovin this site Chris and Im not tryin to put an end to it at all ...its only a concern :) Thanx for checkin it out man :)
we are members of the human race
rainbow may not have membership, but it accepts all members of the human race (all peaceful members that is) and a fair number of members of other species as well.

the original invite invited groups such as politicians global and regligios leaders these arree allgroups which you can say individuals are members of..
now rainbow may not have a membership itself but within rainbow are thousands of groups with members, church groups social groups lifestyle groups
musical groups and so on..including a few internet social groups
what would make this so different from say a band like double dose that have certain members as pasrt of that group?

where on this site does this say we are the rainbow? the members ogf this site are the members of the rainbow? and nobody outsifde this site is a real rainbow till they join?
the arguments just silly and just another agr-o attempt at creatting drama
I dont think the discussion is silly at all Eagle ...I posted the question not to incite drama or to be argumentative but because I felt it may be a concern that should be addressed ....your spot on man on all your points ..Im new to the games being played and new to Bitter family trying to incite drama ..i would just hate to be a part of some legal actions being solidified because this site was considered "members" only and then saying that people on here were representing the rainbow family ....its a topic im new to and I think is new to the world as this is the first real " rainbow" social networking site ...there have been many forum posting sites and discussion boards that you have to join to as well and there has never been an issue so I completely get that it was just some one not wanting to make a change on ALT to a new thing ...I think its good to discuss this kinda thing for the "just in case " What if" does happen ...I HIGHLY respect you and your opinions Eagle and its hard to tell over the Internet what tones and inflection are being used and body language does not exist ..cutting out a good portion of communication.. so I want you to know I wright this with the utmost respect to you brutha Im only wanting to clarify my actions in posting this question to the family here :) It was meant as a harmless open question and I hope it wasnt taken any other way ....Its clear to me now that the site doesnt pose an issue ...thank you for your enlightenments Eagle and all ....I love you all :)
Bear, I think Eagle's statement was pointed more at A.G.R. I don't think he was critisizing your choice for discussing the issue. As you can see, many participated and many beautiful points were made. For me, coming in later and reading the thread, I could see our rainbow consciousness harmonizing and our consensus manifesting. We are so beautiful.
i think that soraing eagle has the right ideas here,but then again i consider him to be a very wise man,with a lot of years of rainbow insight! peace to all you brothers and sisters!! (cant we all just get along?)
The word "membership" and its implications in respect to our standing as a non-organization are far reaching and bear directly on our gatherings more than is comfortable to many of us; malcontents, anarchists, anti-authoritarians, rebels all.

Nonmembers of a non-organization is the way I heard it.
i always liked the way crimeth inc called themselves non-members of a disorganization. seems to fit the Fam too...

it's good to think of things like this, and talk about them. not that all the linguistic trickery in the world would make a difference if State decided that it didn't... the law doesn't apply to them that makes it.
luvvin yinz.

"we need a new rhythm... maybe it's yours..."
agrees with soring eagle


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