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Accept people; choose to help them sometimes. (It's important you choose how and when; you gotta feel comfortable about it.) Love; radiate your own capacity for love. Keep a spine, but be kind.

A friend who lived on The Farm (TN) a couple of years in the '70's said the glow lasted in Babylon for a couple of years. It's hard to keep that up. That's a reason to gather; to recharge batteries. Remember who you are. It's oh so easy to get lost, either in the jail/street system or behind possessions.

And, oh yeah, I'm talking to myself here!

love and lite, sister,
Hi Rusty Boo. I would like to know myself. :0)

Thanking You... I'm glad you're here....

Onward, Deborah
i guess we all have to help each other via the web----know phamily is just a click away helps,but findin someplace in nature to run too--to exape it all,has been helpin me alot.namaste'rusty
same here rusty. and I very much admit and agree with your expressions. People are told by those of the babylon system ( hope the term fits) that running away or escaping is a cop out. Well, what if it's not so much a cop out as it's a genuine natural response to a system that's become to harsh for me and my loved ones? Maybe I feel the need to escape because it's not natural for me.

I feel this way too, rusty. I have planned escapes by going to the park to pick up trash around the picnic area and around the lake. I go a walk with my walking stick. I sit down by the spring that's near the woods to listen/commune with nature. I began picking elderberries yesterday and will use it to make wine now. I work with herbs. I make dresses by hand. If you see my pictures at my place here, you'll see a women in an multicolored dress... that's the only dress pattern I sew and I do sew them entirely by hand. Sewing for me is very grounding like gardening and watching children play and any number of other practical activities. I say practical activity because there are so much to do that just doesn't provide me with a natural feeling. I enjoy play, and I don't get anything out of competition. I just want to participate in this life with others I can feel are similar to me having things in common. I didn't mean to go on and on... :)

In Kindness,
Greetings Rusty boo, thank you for sharing.

I live in an area where at times the essence of the place makes me sometimes physically ill. The deep depressive and negative cloud that hangs over it is a physical and real thing. I tell people all the time about this and most agree. Yet I bring light into my life that can maintain a positive balance for me 98% of the time. I found that taking the time to make my living space light and refreshing helps a whole lot. when we are in a box and not surrounded by nature it take a toll on the human spirit. Gardens and plants help a great deal. I get out into the country all the time. It is the one place I feel alive and grounded. I was raised outside and only moved into the city when life took me that way. I have never felt as alive as I do when I am one with nature. Living in Babylon is tough. It is a struggle to not allow it to overwhelm you. Peoples lives and the drama are around you all the time.

There are beacons of hope and light though. Many people meet up and get together to share the joy of love and living. I meet with like minded people for meditations, drum circles, fire walks and energy work through out the year. Each one of these is an anchor to my soul. It allows the true person that I am to survive. I have art and music and many creative items in my home. I am spiritual and devote a bit of time each day to fulfill this part of my life. I have grown more by changing myself while living in Babylon then I did when i was not here.

But underneath all of it is a desire and a need to fill that calls me back to nature and away from the grid based living. Love and laughter, light and health all are one in the same to me. I will not remain here for I know it will make me sick inside if I do. Take every chance you have to get out and be one with nature if you can.

Peace and positive vibes Brother
I love this. :0) And I agree whole heartedly. We had a gathering where I was prompted to take pictures and you should see the orbs, ribbon peoples and ectoplasm (some call it... )that were also present during our gathering around the fire. It was far out.

i also sew and garden--and its funny but i also am a trash picker uper--lol. the system makes it hard to exist--nature saves my soul. i am also a artist and love to glue and put sparkels all over everything. i have 3 dogs-2cats--and a daughter 25--and a blessed to be in a loving relationship for the last 10 years.and im hoping to go to the shawnee gathering in who is going on and on......peace and love rusty boo
Right on Rusty Boo, loving life and living it to, We may be in Babylon, but Babylon does not need to be inside us. Thank you for sharing.

I would love to see a pic of your art if you want to share.

Super! ;) we have the do's and the doer's. we're the doers. It's more important to our species to undo the doer's doins then to do what they're doin. Where and when is the Shawnee gathering, rustyboo?
Sister, I meant Sister :-p I am sorry for that. peace and love Rusty boo, the name threw me. Sending you love and light.



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