Hi, nice beings,
I would like to meet/write with someone of the rainbow family, who has personal family experience with autistic children.
Our beautiful little autistic son is owesome, strange and he is our teacher. He can´t speak, but he knows, who is real and not lie :) Our Mojka loves smiling and dancing people, meadows and forests for free running, fires and lights, music, fresh air, dirt, grass, trees, sun, rain....and he enjoys all these stuff by whole body and heart.
I don´t want to "teach" him some "social manners" by force. I prefer an unschooling. Mojmir is so pure and innocent child...
Think the rainbow gatherings will be the perfect place for us, but dont know for sure.
Is anyone with autism/with autistic children here?
We would love to go some Rainbow family gathering, if it will held in Czech republic, where we can go, we will happy to someone meet there. :)
L&L! Melie and Mojmir

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Yes , of course your child is welcome in the forest with us . To find info about Czech gatherings refer to http://rainbowforums.net . A relationship of autism to Rainbow Family is assured . I hope you will explore this and also write of what you discover .

Thanks, Tikoo!

Few days ago I found Rainbow pages on FB and forum too. Now the rainbow gathering should be in CZ (White Carpathian mountains), but today it was cancelled :( (Local hunters and some owners of meadow are against us.)
So we pray for new place... and there I hope to go too :)

While at a gathering in July I had a meditation on autistic children gathered with us in hope . Peace in the woods is our future . We dance around and beyond those who won't understand .

It is...beautiful :)
I believe the autistic children bring to us some wisdom we cant see, and they teach us to open our minds, cos they are "different".
Our little son proves it to me every day. Sometimes it is hard and difficult, but I love it, we all grow.

Some professional autism therapists believe in Wilderness . So do laughing bears .

Have you tried using sign language along with spoken language for communication.  It has show to work with many autistic children.  My son was diagnosed late and we missed the opportunity to work with him early.  It is very important to start early and get all the help you can as soon as you can. Positive reinforcement instead of force or negative reinforcement is the only way to work with children.  Praise all good behavior and give as little as possible any attention to  bad behavior.  

Nature calms us all and would be positive activity to all children. I hope you can find a gathering can wish I could help some how.

Prayers, calm, and love to you,


Hi, Matt,
thank you for sharing your experience!
At last we were on gathering in Carpathia mountains in summer and it was very healing adventure for us <3 We´re planning next in Polland and some little local gatherings in forests near Prague. :)

And about sing language. We are trying. But Mojmír doesnt respond to it. It seems he cant understand even to simple gesticulation.
With our son the best way to communicate is "turn off, to calm mind and just BE". :D Really! When we do it, really, truly do it, we can communicate with Mojmír without any word (sign or voice). Some "6." sense? I dont now, but I enjoy it. :) 
I think, this is, why our son came to us.


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