I have been under the rule of thumb forever it feels like.  I am not totally a rebel but at spirt I feel enlightened.  There is nothing going to interfer with my action to make decisions or abide by rules.  This my sound alittle bit like a cry for my freedom and it is!  I used to be a total mess without god in my life.  Now I have to act and behave like a christian so my talents can be used to help people.  I have considered to make a life obligation to these gatherenings.  I know I will be able to survive with my healing power up for barter.  I know this my sound alittle extreme and I was in shocked when I found prayer to be healing.  I am not totally devoted to god and I can act on my own to decide who gets help and who doesn't.  I am faced with a huge decision to make up my mind to act upon this invitation because I have already acted on those impulses to make a commitment to whom I consider to be respected individuals.  I am having second thoughts because they want to much control over me.  I only need to make it four more months before I get out of their grasps.  This seems like awhile but I could use this website to broaden my scope.  I want to attract individuals who may or may not believe in the lord.  It doesn't matter who I come across.  I am hurt because some people feel at liberity to exclude themselves from my life so I develope some character.  And I am like so what, Who are you to say this about me.  They are too under some control thats out of my boundry.  I have cried mercy and yet nobody will listen.  I seem very self aborbed in my well being that I don't know how to communicate this to them.  I have a hunch that this website will bring friends and an alternitive lifestyle that fits my way of thinking.  I am still alittle unaware of the cause besides peace, love, and harmony.  I need to excape reality and I found this out at a very young age.  Its tookin all these years to finally make up my mind.  The timing is just right and I need to explore.  Not sure what that encompasses but its worth a shot. 

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oh , when you get going to gatherings alot there is much to learn ... and it seems very important to gather in the woods . the internet is not so good as community because bears and turtles don't write here ... oops , i spose i'll get proven wrong about that last thing .

You sound very wise in your reply.  I only wish to keep an open mind to this perspective.  I suppose this is common talk of bears and turtles.  I have only keep my mind on the street talk thats shared in the community and to learn of this other side,''I realized that I kept my mind closed off to this perspective''

So I figuring that you have been around for awhile. Is there any valuable insight to offer someone new to this website and eventually to the community you talk of? 

i wish this website was making a puppet show , and that's because one common old rainbow dream is to travel the world on donkeys and camp and do crazy hippy puppet shows along the way . this website is where puppet show writing can happen , but before that the lazy crazy will just laugh like goofy and say hey , man , we are the puppet show ... oh , hum

If we are all just puppets then I am the wizard in the show.  I have consulted the highest being in this universe just to find other worlds for us to live.  Its been painful and alot of dull monents in my life too just enhance my perception on other dimensions.  I seldom get a break and just do me for a moment. What attacted me to this website was the opportunity to travel with the rainbow family who would allow me to use this amazing gift to heal people.  When I could offer my talents to paying indidviduals to increase my wealth.  Of course, this all seems well but what after that is to come... I want to get in touch with the spirtual side on this world.  If you say that each living creature has a spirt; I will find it. 

can you arrive in nevada in june ? if yes , then please prepare yourself . you will be the smallest wizard there in the highest place . bring forth warmth , a cup , and a spoon .

The thing about being a wizard is the use of this sorce of power anywhere or anytime.  I would be glad to show up in June.  But if your intrested to allow me to demostraight I would be glad to show you how a real wizard can cast a spell.  The only thing I ask for in return is have your friends join my page so I can work my magic on them if thats of course you believe and won't make a fool out of yourself.  Trust me its magic and its better then magic mushrooms...lol  Well maybe not that powerful but you get what I mean!



i will not believe in spells and as to my friends on this site , they seem mostly oblivious and far away . i would though like to hear a story about magic - how about more something you have received than what you can do . i'll believe in revelations .

Slowly I have developed the potential to overcome a lifestyle thats a practical standard for any youth.  I have always wanted to exceed in life and never wanted to find my nich. I was just to young to jump in and become a community member.  So I delayed this by becoming a student.  I was exposed to very little growing up and knew I wanted none of it.  I had large standards as far as how to live a life.  Little did I know my difference would play a major impact in my future.  I couldn't maintain a normal life in society so I had trouble mentally.  I was found to have a mental disorder which I currently take meds for.  As I aged more and more was reveiled to me.  I rejected everything in my path as a sound judgement.  I knew more would be reveiled and don't ask me how.  I was a rebel and didn't want anything to do with a practical lifestyle.  I discovered yoga and meditation in prison while also attending college.  So I found myself intune with my innerself and wanted to be free from any addictions or desires.  I didn't even act on the needs so that contributed to my mental disorder.  Again I found myself still puzzled about the mystery that lay beyond the normal way of life.  So education has keep me plugging into a lifestyle that would of course be balanced and not out of control.  I didn't liked the fact that I would put my wants first and consider my needs last.  Its been a long and wild ride but I had a hard upbringing so I was ready for this exposure into a world of the GODS.  I never had a belief in god my entire life and still very little has influenced me.  Right now just waiting for some women friends of mine to introduce themselves to my life.  They feel I need some time alone to readjust to current living conditions because I just got out of prision for my third time.  I rebeled at this idea at first and have asked to be a some service so to speak to allow myself feel wanted.  That mental disorder still has me at others feet. Thanks for allowing myself to explain my story before working any magic.  I just wanted to jump in and be liked.  You know I have those urges to make friendship because it seems like everyone is shitting on me.  Latly I have accepted this fact and have made growth so thanks for responding...

I don't believe in a lord; but I support you in your belief for all the support it gives you in life.  You show some wisdom, not rejecting your own convictions in the face of those who think those convictions must be held captive to extreme controls.  Discipline is hard, yes, but needs to be guided by passion, not a box of rules.   Each to their own path! and yours is leading to greater freedom and greater responsiveness to life around you.  I think it is one reality you are escaping,, maybe to a reality that is actually more real, gentle, and connected to a world bigger and more real than one you are escaping.  This is where ya usually say 'more power to ya', but those wiser than me say there's too much seeking of power in the world.  So I say, more love to ya! Cause "the love you give is equal to the love you make"


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