Gathering at The Garden ... Lafayette , Tennessee .

Absolutely true Rainbow land . 20 acres . Woods , garden and stream . Settled and secure .


from patnthehat

This is a Medicine Tribe Gathering / Planting party with a benefit show for the People's Project. The dates are from April 15th-30th
There will be free healthy food served out of the community kitchen at least 3 times a day. people are welcome to learn and participate in the kitchen. all healthy food donations are  welcome.
There will be workshops including organic farming, wood carving, nonviolent communication and mushroom propagation during the day and music and bonfires at night. there are plans to plant a lot of FOOD!! including food to send to the National Rainbow Gathering in Georgia, An orchard, lots of mushrooms and the main garden that supply's the land with food. People are welcome to bring seeds or plants of all types. This is a family friendly event focused on co-creating positive change. Anyone with any input is welcome to join in on the fun of creating this event. This event is FREE!! with all donations going to ether the cost of putting on the event or the Peoples Project which is a 501c3 non-profit. If you would like to play music on the stage or help in any other way please let us know. people are welcome to come early to help get ready.

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This is rodney and I was trying to find a girl I met destiny from Louisiana. I met her at the gathing in ark. At the buffalo river first gathering I went to and she showed me the ropes and have thought about her ever since.thank you for any help and bless u all

I do remember that gathering along the river very well . Since Louisiana is so near Arkansas , then perhaps Destiny will also go to other gatherings in the south-east region . Your quest is respected . Shall you travel about and have a look ?

Thank u kind sir! I am fixing to start on a riverboat in couple day then I will be off for 30days.where would a gent trying to find his way on such a quest start.any help would be such a blessing my friend

Do yooz want an Oracle reading ? Here is a simple one ...

wo'di ddj

Now , what could that mean ? First consult your feeling about this strange language abstractly , then translate that feeling into a response ... then I will respond from what I can know of your Destiny . ok ?

    Hiya Huya Bro...

              Hope to be there ...will bring sax to jammin..

    Will ATL lightline have directions ...or will you post ?

                              Jah Love You

8967 Galen Rd, Lafayette, TN 37083-4768

The land in Tennessee is true Rainbow land , and you may arrive whenever you wish and leave as well in peace whenever and also . The Rainbow trail 2018 from there will be with a heart devoted to delivering food to the National in June . If I was in your Indiana position , I'd hitch it there soon as possible with the gift of seeds . Be loved .

can I send a package to the to the galen rd. address  it might take some time for me  to get there.  peace

You may send a package . One year I sent the garden 5# of Indian corn seed : for planting , roasting or both .

thank you, ill try to send some   seeds down there soon and hopefuly make it down there soon. and im looking forward to meeting you. peace

thank you brother, ill see you in tn. or at the nationals. be safe

thanks brother, I think iv foun some family to help out. peace


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