I had this on my blog and thought I would move it to get more input.
I don't know if any of you are following the die offs that have been going on over the last two months, But it is starting to get alarming.  The government has advised that the 3000+ Red Winged blackbirds died of blunt force trauma. They ran into something or each other. But since that day there have been a few more. It is something to keep an eye on.


December 2010: thousands of dead crabs washed up along Kent coast

30 December: up to 100,000 dead drum fish over a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River, 200km northwest of Little Rock discovered

31 December 2010: 3,000 of red-winged blackbirds rained from sky in Arkansas town of Bebe.

3 January 2011: 500 dead and dying red-winged-blackbirds fell into Louisiana highway in Pointe Coupee Parish

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Well I have gone over a few ideas, some based in what I knowand others are deep into the conspiracy theories.

What I know is what I’ve read.


5000 birds die of blunt force trauma.  Is it natural for 5000 birds to slam into eachother or the ground? I think not.  I amsure that you like most people have seen large flocks of birds fly in synchronizationin the sky. We don’t see them dropping out of the sky from mid-air collisions. Itis a dance in the sky and very neat to watch.

But what if something interfered with their navigationsystem? What if something we (humans) were testing or doing caused them to losenavigation? This would explain the blunt force trauma. The lab that did theinvestigation said that it was fireworks that caused this issue. I don’t thinkthat fireworks would do this for a number of reasons listed below.

Birds have a take flight mechanism inbuilt. They travel 1000’sof miles in migration each year.  Theyrun into Storms and adverse weather all the time. They have lived aroundsuburban areas that are loud and chaotic for many years. Why would they gocrazy and crash this time?

Was it something new in the fireworks themselves? A new ingredientadded in to the mix that caused a toxic to cause the birds navigation to fail?I don’t think it was noise. Or flashing lights. They might be disorientated butmost disorientated birds land in trees.

Or could it be something more?


What about the idea that the earth itself is the cause? Whatabout the idea that it is methane or sulfurs that have been released into our atmospherethat has caused the animals to die off? Birds sitting in a tree breathe in thetoxic vapors and fly into the ground or each other until they die? What ifsulfurs polluted our creeks and rivers? They would kill wildlife at low levels.The species that die would be highly sensitive to the toxins.  It would have the effect that it has shown.Some animals would be fine but others to sensitive to it would perish. Birds,fish, insects (bees). The eco-system is out of whack.


Or there is the theory of the UFO watchers. That the birds werekilled by flying into an invisible ship. They just flew right into the side ofit and died. But that theory may be fun to read but it does not account for therest of the die offs around the world.



The idea that this is part of the 2012 issue is not unheardof just like it is part of the Last days in the bible. Both theories suggestthat these are signs to be aware of.  Allthe creepy and crawly things in an above and under will die.  Doom theory is not my idea of fun J If it was caused by radiationfrom the sun then more should happen and it should began to be wide spread. Butlets focus on the positive and look to the answers to be found before its tolate.

I am going to keep following it

My first thought when I heard that the magnetic pole was moving toward Russia at a rate of 40 miles per year was that it had to be affecting migration patterns. I was wondering if there could be a link there, and then I saw this article:



Just another thought.

Great information there. Its all a bit scary to say the least. But if it is the pole movement issue then there should be more in the days and months ahead.

here is more this week




200 cows die on one farm

Add this to the list of spooky animal deaths this month: 200 cows have up and died of causes unknown in Stockton, Wis.

There's also no explanation yet as to why thousands of blackbirds fell dead out of the sky in Arkansas on New Year's Day, or why millions of fish carcasses fetched up on Maryland's coastline (You'd think 2012 was approaching or something).

The Portage County dairy farmer, whose name hasn't been made public yet, reported the field full of dead cows on Friday. Samples from the animals were sent to a Madison lab for tests.

So what's with the mass cow exit from Earth? Mass sickness? Biblical prophecy? Insidious government conspiracy? Maybe this is a job for Alex Jones. Or Jesse Ventura.

Then again, perhaps it's a job for the National Wildlife Health Center, which investigates mass wildlife die-offs, or "mortality events," all over the country.

As far as agricultural deaths, that can be all kinds of things. I worked as a hill shepherd on the border with Scotland for a while, and I'll never forget one New Year's morning (after having had half the village in my kitchen drinking whiskey the night before, I might add), all of a sudden we had sheep dropping like flies. It wasn't until we did some further investigating that we discovered it was a selenium deficiency. Of all the stupid things. Trying to do a mass sheep injecting session (flock of over 1,000) on New Year's Day with a hangover is not fun.

Though it seems to be clear. this following story popped up today.




When hundreds of dead birds were found Monday in Yankton, South Dakota, many residents were puzzled, thinking it was the latest in a string of similar mysterious mass animal deaths around the world. But this is one instance of the many where a clear cause has been identified, as the U.S. government claims responsibility for killing the more than 200 starlings.

It was initially believed that cold weather may have caused the bird deaths, but then Yankton police received a call from the USDA, attesting that they had poisoned the birds at a feedlot 10 miles away, KTIV reports. Apparently, some 5,000 of the birds were defecating in the feed meal, posing a threat to the animals and farm workers, when the USDA decided killing them would be the best action to take.

A bait laced with the poison DRC-1339 was used, though officials were surprised the birds made it so far before dying. They assure that the poisoned dead birds do not pose a risk to nearby animals or humans.

While the mystery of dead birds falling from the sky in South Dakota was quickly solved, similar mass animal deaths around the world remain enigmatic. 200 dead cows were recently found on a farm in Wisconsin, with a disease or pneumonia suspected as the culprit. Prior to that, mass bird deaths ranging from dozens to thousands were reported in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, California, Italy and Sweden. Mass fish death had been report in Arkansas, Maryland, Chicago, New Zealand and Brazil, and 40,000 crabs washed ashore beaches in England.

Officials don't believe any of the incidents are related, and suspect a wide range of causes to be responsible, from cold weather and fireworks to semi-truck collisions and overeating, though they admit in many instances a clear cause may never be identified. According to The AP, mass animal deaths are not a rare occurrence.


Here is a map mapping out the deaths so far



(CNN) -- Authorities in Maryland are investigating the deaths of about 2 million fish in Chesapeake Bay.

"Natural causes appear to be the reason," the Maryland Department of the Environment said in a news release. "Cold water stress exacerbated by a large population of the affected species (juvenile spot fish) appears to be the cause of the kill."

The investigation comes days after the deaths of an estimated 100,000 fish in northwest Arkansas. Authorities suspect disease was to blame there, a state spokesman said.

In Maryland, preliminary tests showed water quality to be acceptable, officials said.

Millions of fish found dead in Chesapeake Bay

"The affected fish are almost exclusively juvenile spot fish, 3 to 6 inches in length," the Maryland department said. A recent survey "showed a very strong population of spot in the bay this year. An increased juvenile population and limited deep water habitat would likely compound the effects of cold water stress."

Large winter kills of spot fish have occurred at least twice before in the state, in 1976 and 1980, the department said.


Here's another possible reason for these kills; and a chillingly credible one:



The information focuses on earthquakes; but also addresses sudden unforeseeable kills.  I just watched the movie that this page shows the trailer for.   Natural gas fracking is already widespread in the US; and is occurring worldwide.  As it is used more and more, we will have a new nightmare to deal with.

yeah and they keep sucking out the fossil fuels.  I wonder if they ever took the time to think.. hmmm maybe fossil fuels is more importnat to the worlds natural function then they think Nothing like greed to mess up the natural cycle of the planet. well atleast we know that when mother earth gets tired of it she will solve her problems. She always does.


Love you

Gotta keep in mind that mass die-offs do have multiple causes.  Fish kills due  to 'red tides', basically high bacterial count eating up the oxygen balance in the water, are fairly common on the east coast.  Where we live, hog and turkey farms, inadequate sewage treatment plants overflow after heavy rains.  Any spill from an industry from paper mills to my local phosphate plant can upset the oxygen balance in water.   Of course, it's reported as sort of a mystery; it's rare that anyone accepts responsibility; and few are held accountable. 


The 100 pelican kill listed on your google map website was in my county.  Quarter of a year later, scientists/law enforcement are still clueless.   Seems a year or so ago, another smaller incident occurred.  In this case, the pelicans were shot and mutilated with knives.  No obvious motive.


How many kills do you suppose are due to indiscriminate pesticide use?  I'm looking at the 70 bat kill in a neighborhood near downtown Tucson, AZ.  I'd say pesticide would be a likely cause; and if a local resident did it, not trackable.


As far as natural gas fracking goes, it inadvertently causes gas leaks, large ones sometimes, into the air.  That would surely cause huge numbers of birds flying over to drop outa the sky.  Fish kills?  The trillions of gallons of water used to force ground opening down to the gas is incredibly contaminated; it's chemical soup that is supposed to be in holding ponds after use.  They call it "byproduct".  It's easy to see what that would do to fish when it spills into waterways.  Since it contaminates groundwater, having sickened entire communities' water supply, it wouldn't even take a spill to get into rivers and streams.  Since it would make the fish sick, it would be reported as a kill caused by sickness.  Never would it be reported as a result of this industry!  That is left up to the rest of us, on volunteer time, to prove it.  That's why they are pushing so hard for rights to huge areas of the Appalachians, for instance.  They are using our need to diversify energy sources as an excuse to expand worldwide before we prove the extent of the dangers of this practice.  It makes me begin to understand why Stewart Brand defected to the nuclear energy camp.   The safest energy remains solar.


An intelligent way to address the kills collected on the google website you posted, Windwalkers, would be for those who compiled it to list the possible known causes; figure what likely fits each incident; and then proceed to investigate.  When all provable causes are eliminated, the polar shift, and other speculative causes could be considered. 


Thanks for posting this.  You've made me think; and dig a little. 


Love, lw





Millions of anchovies, mackerel, sardines and other small fish washed up dead overnight in the harbor area of Redondo Beach, Calif., just south of Los Angeles, puzzling authorities and triggering a cleanup effort.

Local television news footage showed the mass of dead fish, said by a police spokesman to be about a foot deep on the surface, choking the waters in and around dozens of private boat slips in the King Harbor Marina.

Biologists have tentatively concluded that the fish died from oxygen deprivation after being driven by a storm into a closed-off pier area, California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan told Reuters.

"It looks like they just swam in the wrong direction and ended up in a corner of the pier that doesn't have any free-flowing oxygen in it," Hughan said.

High winds might then have kept the fish from leaving the harbor and they all crushed up against the harbor wall, where they used up the oxygen and suffocated.

"There's nothing that appears to be out of sorts, no oil sheen no chemicals, no sign of any kind of illegal activity," Hughan said. "As one fisherman just told me, this is natural selection."

Hughan said such incidents were rare but not unheard of.

While biologists investigated, authorities were beginning the job of removing the fish from the water, using buckets and nets.

"The issue now is cleanup because we have tons and tons of dead fish rotting ... which obviously creates hazardous material," Redondo Beach Police Sgt. Phil Keenan said. "We're in the process of figuring out what were going to do."

PhotoBlog: More images of the fish dieoff

Trudy Padilla, the marina's tenant services coordinator, said the dead fish suddenly began showing up overnight, and that one end of the marina was blocked off as cleanup operations got organized.

She said the smell of decay has not become so strong yet, "but it's going to if they don't clean up the fish."

King Harbor Marina provides 850 boat slips to private vessels.


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