anyone else really struggling to figure out how to move forward with their life without increasing their participation in the market economy at all? I find it to be already unacceptable that I've grown up on social interactions which directly or indirectly validate fiat currency but I see increased direct validation of such currency as the only means to move forward with my life. there is NO way I'm going to do this; if I can find no alternative I will be leaving this reality. 

I don't think I've ever met another person who realizes how detrimental even using the currencies fundamental to the dominant "economy(ies)" of human organization on the planet are regardless of what you do to get it. sure it's better to do work that isn't directly supporting unsustainable projects such as domestication monocultures but it doesn't matter that much because regardless of WHAT you do to "earn" fiat currency, the exchange, the change of hands, the trade off which says "yes this has value" is going to be very strongly - even if indirectly - supporting nearly every unsustainable and damaging human project that exists right now. the way I see it, there is no question that my individual life is worth less than the removal of even one individual validating this system. it is not enough to use currency to develop a system which will eventually (if ever) allow me to no longer rely AT ALL on currency.

I have thought about trying to become feral but I realize I am not cut out for that seeing as the environment is so damaged that it would be difficult for even the most knowledgeable human to survive sustainably in the now mostly young forests of the North American continent (except maybe in the extreme temperate jungle of what is referred to as Canada or some remaining patches of old growth forest in what is referred to as the United States) and that I am a coward with ridiculous anxiety issues that seem to only grow with my awareness. I've recently begun developing sensitivities to many things I never had them to before (grains, bee stings, other foods) and my digestive system seems to be shutting down. I think this has probably been heavily influenced by almost entirely consistent stress/depression/hopeless that has permeated the years since I began what I now recognize as a significant progression of awareness.

are there any people who have found a way to progress in the modern world without ANY involvement in the market economy? 

I just look at the future and I'm like... how????? how????? how to progress??? how could anyone retain a significant quantity of hope? even without the consideration of climate change (whatever its cause(s) may be...)

I don't know if this is listed in the best category, none of them seemed exactly fitting for this kind of content...

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Well , hey , as the first one to write in this category you get to define what it is and also direct its future . Your friends here can be relational because a modern world does not exist and also that you are not abnormally advanced in awareness .


How can hope be rational ? Hmmm ...

My philosophy is Relationalism . It holds an idea of what is good .

I think everything certainly seems to be relational. that is a fundamental part of why I do not think people have free will among many other things... I don't see how considering relations would arrive at one idea of what is good but maybe you just meant that through relations people create ideas of what is good, what is bad, etc..

I think that hope can be rational. I think that faith cannot be rational. maybe these definitions become intertwined in some peoples' associations? to me, hope is largely about emotions that result from assessments of apparent probability. not about having faith that what is hoped for will occur. just hoping that it will but remaining aware that it cannot be known.

I would like to think that I don't have abnormally advanced awareness but it is hard to find things which support that. regardless, I only meant that my awareness was increasing relative to what it has been previously and that with it, anxiety increased. I did not originally intend to say anything about the relation of my own awareness to other peoples', at least not directly. I suppose tones of thinking I may have abnormally advanced awareness would be hard to avoid though when I do feel it. I don't see how I could ever know that though, or anyone else. to me, it is only thoughts and feelings. I try to avoid conclusions, even if when I address ideas with words they come out sounding like conclusions I try always to keep them open for discussion (of course some people seem to think that means I should accept what they tell me into my own ideas but for that to happen I would have to be convinced that it is more reasonable to move to that idea from the previous one which does not happen much anymore)

what do you mean by "a modern world does not exist"?

Lyrics to one community Rainbow song go ... we are old family , we are new family . By this , one might think that 'modern world' is not some exclusive existence . Could Existence as One be anti-anxiety ? Some philosophers consider the idea of Existence to be central to all thinking , and they are quite famous for their complaning and angst about everything being particles , particles and more particles and then too , those damned vanishing particles . Saying Existence is One doesn't worry it , and it implies something else may be more importantly at the relative center of contemplation and meaningfulness .


Oh , a couple years ago I encountered a Rainbow Family group that is dedicated to being no part of the market economy - stayed a couple weeks with them at their place in Oregon . Most positively they planted , cared for , and ate from a beautiful garden in the mountains . One thing not so pleasant was their cult leader who was rather mean .



I haven't been able to understand why the ideas of particles or entities and oneness are considered mutually exclusive. The way I see it, separation can either be understood as a truth (which seems foolish to me) or it can be understood as a way of describing aspects of perception in an attempt to develop some kind of understanding. So I could say that even though all things seem to be one together, perception and associations allow and require (at least in my experience) things to be seen as individual parts of a larger whole. but I think that doesn't necessarily mean you have to consider them as separate. for example.. I would say that "I" is the description of what is commonly known as a human named Alex whereas "you" - in this context - would be a description of what is commonly known as a human with the name tikoo on here.. but neither of us would likely exist exactly as we are if the other did not, because we are only part of the all which is linked back throughout what we perceive as time potentially infinitely. although in that context... the all could be referring to either this universe or a multiverse. I tend to think that it would be referring to a multiverse where chains of causality interact between universes and causality is not isolated to one universe. but to me.. this doesn't relieve much anxiety because then I, as whatever part of the all this perception is tied to, would have to not care about the outcome of things as well as understanding their total connectedness. meaning, as I see it, is only a construct of minds. it does not exist until something decides that it does for potentially any reason... but that doesn't mean that I know how to erase the meanings I have decided do exist based on my own totally subjective perception and network of associations.. I don't think I even want to, meanings seem pretty necessary for this type of existence. but of course semantics is always so involved in things I have no way of knowing if the blank signs that my associations draw arrows on (words) will get the same arrows drawn on them by your associations... or that the arrows I draw on your words are the same as what you intended them to be..

that sounds interesting though. too bad that such things tend to result from corrupted social interactions.. more semantics.. always semanticstastic is communication. if only telepathy.

I discover Particle to be an elementally confounding idea . ha! It may so casually and sweetly mean good-bye yet is not the opposite of togetherness . And then too we have p(article)= a thing .

Considerably more troubling has been the idea Opposition . When a particle that may be opposed is not clearly identified it's so frustrating . A demented clown will practice this on us as an Art of Anxiety and it's not funny . It is imposing . The reactive impulse is to kill the clown , eh ?


Oh , well , or just go away like a jesus ...




I got ejected from that no-money community because when they asked me for money to help pay their electric bill I took a particle I had made to the local road-side market and sold it for 20 dollars . Then" NO NO and NO ! You have done the evil thing", said the leader oppositely . And I had to go . Well , then I positively did purchase 20 dollars of gasoline - and so the dog , a truck and a tikoo went to the sea and we existed exactly there for awhile and free .


The Multi-Verse ? Kill it . Burn it as a book of bad poetry .





I don't think I understand well enough to really respond, unfortunately.. I guess at least you are using this language in the way that it works best: artistically. alas, this language, and that means of using it in particular, are not very good for communication..

would you say that you do not perceive any separation?

I see no separation in the idea of Universe . One Family-Strong Family would be a similar idea .


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