A call for positive energies for those dealing with the Crisis in Japan, a call to prayer, meditate, foci, blessings ect


Hello all,


I am sitting here looking through all the tragedy and the on going nuclear crisis going on in Japan and my heart aches. I just wanted to start a discussion with the idea to send out positive healing energy to the people of Japan. To give a little love from the spirit to the brave humans that are taking steps into danger to save others. I just want to do something and don't know what else I can do but send what love and positive energy I can to those in need. So I am asking you family to send just a little light out into the world towards those in need. Since this crisis has the very real potential to effect the earth itself in dire ways. I also wish to send out a little love to her as well. Lets beat back fear and pain with a little love. I am asking all to offer up a bit of themselves towards world unity and peace to the people of Japan. I want to give a bit to the Brave 50+ people who are working within the danger areas of the melting reactors. I want to share some love for the many victims of this disaster and some to the people who are working to save lives. Please join in sending some positive energies during these tragic events. Just a small moment of time focusing on them with positive thought and feelings. Love


Peace and Love



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I feel ya, Windwalkers~! I just feel like crying today over the situation~ I did some deep breathing earlier and tried to  tap into the Gaian Spirit~ I told the Earth- most of us still remember her and we know she is our Mother- our humble host- and we know we have put a lot of pressure on her - and she was having a hard time~ I asked her to hang in there and if she had enough strength and inclination to keep herself together We the Guardians of Earth, will try to change our ways and be more respectful & symbiotic with her-


I didn't know what else to say but I really meant it- There is strong healing power in our collective consciousness/ un-consciousness- I know everyone is scared~ it's only natural in these shaky times- & you're right, the people of Japan need as much Positive Love and healing energy as we can send- -So everyone- we're all together - Let Love Reign~!



I heard it said today that we shouldn't just pray, we MUST pray!!!

any and all positive energies sent out is good for all. It does not matter what ones beliefs are in this regard. what matters is that we focus good towards a positive future for all. Love and light




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