My name Chris and I live n Portland, Oregon.

I created this community a a way for everyone to stay conncted.


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Forever Green Lifestyle Tour, FrequeseaGo Forever GreenForeverGreen

That's my new truck and trailer. For those of you that haven't been follwing, The 40 foot RV we were travelling in for the Forever Green Tour was hit in San Diego and is in for repairs. Becase of the custom wrap it may take a while so Cody, Stamati and I all decided to get our own RV's and pay a driver to bring in the big one when we want it at an evant.

I'm sitting on the beach in Avila, CA writing this. My toes are nestled in the sand and Zattva is playing in the waves and I am in awe as I realize that THIS IS MY NEW HOME OFFICE!

I've already been having lots of great people stop by and am planning a big camp fire on the beach this weekend in Pismo and showing the original versio of The Secret teh following weekend in San Luis Obispo. Below are pictures of Kelly, Stamati and Tyasha. They are the first 3 people the universe has connected me with to create a Bodhi Group here in San Lus Obispo County. They'll be helping me carry the Bodhi Group message of kindness health and opportunity to everyone in this area.

Forever Green Lifestyle Tour, FrequeseaGo Forever GreenForeverGreen

The next 24 months I'll be travelling everyone I can about Tom Harper and his story of healing. I'll encourage each group to take a stand in their community. One group is already supporting an entire barn at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA. This is a video I made there last month.

I'll be focusing on the USA the nxt 4 months but then plan to make a trip to the UK and Australia to get things going there. I love Austrailia! That's me on the right with one of my friends frm down under. Law of attractioon, forever green, forevergreen and home based business ideas. LawAttraction Six years ago I quit the last J-O-B I'd ever have. I was the VP of Sales for a 4 billion dollar brokerage firm and decied to start my own home based business.

It was the best decision I ever made. As I look out at the ocean today writing this blog entry I know I am blessed. I am living my dream.

What I've really learned is that success does not come at the expense of others.
It comes from helping others. There is a more spiritual approach to success.

Real success is the abundant flow of all good things to YOU. Napoleon Hill said, "once you step into the flow you can't stop it; even if you want to". I choose to live in that flow. It has nothing to do with money.

WORK LIFE BALANCE - work life balanceI'm continually learning what being in the flow means for me both in business and in my personal life.

They say the masters at the art of living make little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure, their minds and their body or their love and their religion

They simply pursue their VISION OF EXCELLENCE at whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they're working or playing them they are always doing both!

Forever GreenNamaste,
Chris Tinney

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hello brothers and sisters
i am sooooo happy to find this place.
i was on another rainbow forum for many years and people there were just nasty, mean aggressive (not all, but the ones that were ruined it for all, and made new members feel unwelcome from the day they joined)
so i am very happy to find ya all and hope to have a mucvh better experience here

one thing, i make alotta typos, im a quadriplegic (many of yss probly know that already hehe only been to 2 gatheringsbefore the wheelchair and no idea how many after (easy to lose track)
alotta ppl on the old forum woukld go on the attack over something as stupid as a misspelled word and got very frustrating, thats why im telling yas upfront not to expect perfection

i can feel theres a true rainbow spirit here, and feel much more at home from the momment i joined (seconds ago) and i cant wait to start contributing (once i figure out how everything works here)
love ya all
yea i could tell soon as i got here was a much freindlier place
just the way its suposed to feel.

oh, and i got a ton of rainbow vids on my myspace
i tried to rescue almost all the ones off spunones site b4 that went down
unfortunatekly a hard drive failure wiped out all the original uploadable copies
but at least i have most of em on my myspace for anyone wanting to check em out

(might move some off the profile into the blogif it loads too slow for ya..just let me know if u think i should)
didnt know this place existed till 10mins ago sweet....i live in CT and yea whats up everyone
as always...the universe provides the love and connection we need soaringeagle!
Hey everybody! so at peace to be here and look so forward to more...and meeting you all at the gathering this year. can't believe i never made it to one...have known for many moons about it and never took the time to indulge...oh well, it is what it is! hehehe
lovin ya all from the depths of my soul...
Hello everyone!

I'm Lauren and I'm in the Kansas City area. I'm interested in finding or starting a family in the area - great camping here and a lot of people living under the radar around. Hit me up if you'd like to do something or just to say hi!
peace, my internet name is belovelife

and i play hackeysac :)
I joined this community to find more people who are crazy in love with the woods like me and to meet people i may see in person in june/july...ooohh....and Im in UTAH too!
Helloooooooooooo to you too!
Love and Hugs !


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