Hello Brothers and Sisters may these words find you filled with Peace and Happiness.
I am planning on attending the Annual Gathering in Oregon this year and am hoping I make it there by the start of the first day.
I plan to start Hiking there from Davenport,Iowa on the 11th of June the day after my 32nd Birthday.
I can't wait to see the Family again, it has been too long since I was able to go home to a Gathering, for I veered off the path of Peace and Love and let the negativity of the world get the best of me.
Funds are tight for me so I will be unable to buy a bus ticket there, but no worries my determination to get there will get me there.
In the end money is Nothing, I would rather be Broke and Happy, then be enslaved by money to an oppressive government and miserable.
I am over joyed that I am part of such a Loving, Caring, Happy and Peaceful group of people.
With Peace,Love and Unending Compassion
I will see you All in Oregon. Your Prodigal brother Peter Robinson.
See you in Oregon.

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Hello brother Peter

We come from the Philippines to Alaska and heading south to Ushuaia Argentina. See our profile (Story about that.) And therefore crossing Oregon. So we hope the time match with our trip.

Do you know the exact Location and Date it will be held ? ? ?

<3 Love and Light <3

Harry & Gie

Hello Harry and Gie, this year's Rainbow Gathering will be held from July 1-7 but I do not believe that a location has been announced yet. Good luck and love to both of you!

Good afternoon Jess

Thanks for your message. I see it in the meantime and unfortunately the time it is held is not match us/ our travel as we start in July in Deadhorse, AL.

Hope some of the Family follow us on facebook and when we come close by who invite us to visiting them

Wish you and all brothers and sister who attend a wonderful time filled with Love

Have a nice weekend

Harry & Gie

Peter the Rock. I have been on a pilgrimage with no apparent end for some time now. Not thinking it possible so not making arrangments has caused me to forget the joy i felt when i first heard lf others that may be like me. I travel the Midwest now and am equal dostance and time it seems from thw oregon gathering. I am always open to bringing on new crew or companions to my time machine adventures. I would be very grateful to intercept You at your journeys start so that yoh dont have to walk or hitchhike all enlighting and fun but my forever transformation could use some personal guidance before i arrive with the others and you could help me with that. Tell me qhat you think and then lets male this happen. Maddox
Thank you for your Response Brother Maddox, sorry for the delayed response my life has been unkind and hectic.
If you get this before you reach my starting point in Davenport,Iowa let me know. You may call me at
563-639-0543 anytime Day or Night.
Thank you once again Brother Maddox and may your travels be safe and your mind be free.
Hope to hear from you soon. Peter

This sounds like the dream, I will probably be unable to make it to the gathering this year but I am sending love to all of you there. Best of luck on your travels, love from New Jersey <3

hey my brother do u know where its gonna be held thi year. i mean i know its home oregon but where? thx 

They are going to announce it in about a week I believe. I also read the discussions and they seem to be focusing on a couple places in Northern Oregon.
I hope I make it, but I am worried that if life keeps going as it is for me I won't.
If I do I hope to see you there.

Consensus has been reached on a site.

GPS coordinates for getting to the gathering site are reportedly N 44.18770 W 119.23120.

Directions to the site are sketchy and unconfirmed, but here's what we've got:


From John Day, OR:
-Take 395S past the Star Mtn Rest Area
-Turn R on Izee-Paulina Rd for 12 miles
-Turn R on Rd 24 (aka Murderers Creek) for 4 miles
-Turn L on Rd 805 (ends in a field)
Welcome home!

Spring council for the 46th annual rainbow family of living light gathering of the tribes reached consensus by passing the feather in silence as follows:  "The 2017 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering of Living Light will take place at Flagtail meadows."

***** DIRECTIONS *****

The gathering is taking place at Flagtail Meadows in the Malheur National Forest south of John Day, Oregon.

From the south:  Take the interstate of your choice to Highway 395 anywhere in California, Nevada, or Oregon to Seneca, Oregon on Hwy 395. About 8 miles north of Seneca, turn left on Izee-Paulina Lane (Road 63). Continue a bit over 10 miles. You should pass the Diabartolo Ranches. Turn right on Forest Service Road 24. Take the second left. WELCOME HOME.

From the north:  Take the interstate of your choice to Highway 395 anywhere in Washington or Oregon to John Day, Oregon on Hwy 395. Go south on Hwy 395 about 17 miles. Turn right on Izee-Paulina Lane (Road 63). Continue a bit over 10 miles. You should pass the Diabartolo Ranches. Turn right on Forest Service Road 24. Take the second left. WELCOME HOME.

TIP!  In the early days, the USFS may change the parking rules multiple times and the parking that was legal when you put your car there may become illegal two days later. Stay plugged in to the parking rules on a daily basis for at least the next week or two if you want to avoid your car being ticketed to towed.

Please tell me I didn't miss it


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